How The Left Thinks: Why Blacks Cannot Commit Hate Crimes

I am going to explain the logic of the left in this article. So I need to preface it with some facts about myself and my thoughts. I am a white male. Possibly a shitlord. I believe that no matter what the law says, there is no such thing and cannot be such a thing as a hate crime. I do not buy into the idea that someone should be punished not just for committing a crime but also what they were thinking while they were committing it. People should be punished for their actions and not their thoughts.

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You’ve Been Played, Flag Burners

Our new President-Elect Donald Trump tweeting the following: Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2016 This singular tweet shows what a genius Trump is by how he leads the news cycle. It also how hypocritical and many times downright dumb many people are. First, I don’t care about flag burning. I do believe that if we have true freedom of speech, then that ought to allow burning of the flag. However I also know that


Does Mark Zuckerberg Think Trump Will Win The 2016 Election?

I saw this article about Mark Zuckerberg telling his Facebook employees that diversity means tolerating many opinions, even good ones, about Trump this election: There are many reasons a person might support Trump that do not involve racism, sexism, xenophobia or accepting sexual assault….that’s ultimately what Facebook is about: giving everyone the power to share our experiences, so we can understand each other a bit better and connect us a little closer together. This is the same Mark Zuckerberg that reprimanded employees for crossing out “Black Lives Matter” and replacing it with “All Lives Matter” on the walls of the

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Hillary Clinton and the Death of Journalism

I hold a degree in journalism. Never truly used it to do real, actual journalism. I do respect the profession, though, and while real journalism has been on the decline since the 90s, it’s Hillary Clinton that has driven a stake through its heart. Journalism is currently on life support.  Real journalism, not fluff pieces, hit pieces, op-eds, or movie reviews, only exists these days via online entities. Sometimes they’re entities that are semi-corporate, such as Brietbart, but mostly they’re individuals like Mike Cernovich, or sites like WeSearchr. At the dawn of the television era, Americans wouldn’t tolerate corporate


Why prove we live in a simulation?

There is apparently a new obsession among some of the hottest Silicon Valley CEOs. They want to help prove that we’re living in a simulation. I loved The Matrix. I like thinking about philosophy. Truth. Reality. My gut tells me that we don’t live in a simulation. It’s an interesting concept but ultimately I have my doubts. I’ll go into that in a bit, but my gut tells me something else: the motivation for finding out if we live in a simulation is not pure. It’s not about knowledge. It’s not about truth. When Darwin came up with his


Election 2016 – The Entitlement Metaphor

This election has been the most entertaining in my lifetime. When I watch good entertainment like Game of Thrones, I reflect on the themes and how the characters interact with those themes. So what’s the theme of this election? Broadly, it’s globalism vs. nationalism. But when you introduce the characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there’s a theme that I see that’s not talked about much in the mainstream. It’s traditionalism vs. feminism, but not in the way that you might think. Obviously Hillary represents feminism. I’ve never particularly liked Hillary, but I respect how hard she has

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Female Teenage Characters Are Going Gay

Some of you PlayStation 4 players may realize that as I write this, The Last of Us is on sale for $9.99 on the US PlayStation Network. If you’re not a gamer, please keep reading, because this post isn’t about games. But spoilers abound, so you’ve been warned. Playing through TLOU was an amazing experience. It centered around an older man, Joel, whose daughter was killed at the beginning of a zombie-like invasion, and Ellie, who seems to be about 14-16 years old and is needing Joel to take her across the country to help find a cure.  Gameplay


Why The Media Is Making A Mistake In Promoting Hillary’s Lead

I recently spent some time with the wife’s family. They watch TV and it’s always on in the background. Except for a couple of shows, I do not watch TV. I get my news from the Internet, and lots of it from Twitter specifically. The TV media is against Trump, hard. Yet they’re obsessed with him. I can tell you all sorts of things that Trump did or Trump said, according to them. Yet they don’t talk about Hillary, good or bad, much at all. This election has shown rigging taking place. The DNC hack proved it. I always


A White Guy’s Solution To Black America’s Problems

For most of my adult life I’ve not given much thought to the plight of black people in the United States. I believe that it’s up to any culture to solve their own cultural problems. For instance, I think it is up to the Japanese government to figure out why its citizens aren’t having babies and address that problem. There are lots of problems unique to black America, and I don’t even think black people would necessarily want white people’s help or advice. I grew up dirt poor, for the most part. In 5th grade I went to a school


The Long Con of Family Court

I’ve been doing a series on how family court in the US is a scam. My stated goal is to bankrupt the system by means of educating its litigants. Once people know that the system is a scam, they’ll avoid it. The system is filled with con men. The problem here is that most men know the system is stacked against them, and most men who enter the system believe that they are good men and that the system will do what’s best. They know that the courts favor the mother yet still proceed anyway. I understand this fully.