About Kevin

Kevin Murphy currently is a silver member on US Airways and has Gold status on Delta. He has chest hair and teeth. Sometimes this one hair in his nose grows so long but he constantly cuts it. He uses NeilMed nose douche bottles to prevent nosebleeds. He sweats a lot, but doesn’t reek and can be funny at times. He likes wine and long romantic walks on the beach.


About The Podcast

The podcast will cover anything Kevin finds interesting. Unlike other podcasts, FOKMCAST episodes are generally no longer than 20 minutes, because Kevin knows he gets annoying fast.

Topics Kevin likes includes:

  • Comedy
  • Porn
  • Midgets
  • Men’s Rights
  • Boobies
  • Archimedes’ Principle of Water Displacement
  • Family Law
  • His Penis

This podcast actually started in the 1970s and has been continuously produced since then, but it wasn’t actually recorded until January 2012.