Does Mark Zuckerberg Think Trump Will Win The 2016 Election?

I saw this article about Mark Zuckerberg telling his Facebook employees that diversity means tolerating many opinions, even good ones, about Trump this election:

There are many reasons a person might support Trump that do not involve racism, sexism, xenophobia or accepting sexual assault….that’s ultimately what Facebook is about: giving everyone the power to share our experiences, so we can understand each other a bit better and connect us a little closer together.

Zuckerberg's full message about diversity of opinions
Zuckerberg’s full message about diversity of opinions

This is the same Mark Zuckerberg that reprimanded employees for crossing out “Black Lives Matter” and replacing it with “All Lives Matter” on the walls of the company’s offices. He also encouraged employees to attend a company town hall so they could discover what Black Lives Matter was all about.

And that was back in February of this year.

Why, now, is it, that Zuckerberg is more tolerant? I mean, we know from Wikileaks that he can request a meet with Hillary’s people and they’ll work around their schedules to accommodate him.

My hunch is that Facebook’s own data shows that positive Trump posts outweigh negative ones at a huge rate. Enough people use Facebook that I do believe FB could accurately predict the popular vote for the 2016 election with the data they have on everyone.

Zuck is not defending Peter Thiel and he’s certainly not defending free speech. I think he’s cozying up to Trump, because he knows what the people want.

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