Hillary Clinton and the Death of Journalism

I hold a degree in journalism. Never truly used it to do real, actual journalism. I do respect the profession, though, and while real journalism has been on the decline since the 90s, it’s Hillary Clinton that has driven a stake through its heart.

Journalism is currently on life support. 

Real journalism, not fluff pieces, hit pieces, op-eds, or movie reviews, only exists these days via online entities. Sometimes they’re entities that are semi-corporate, such as Brietbart, but mostly they’re individuals like Mike Cernovich, or sites like WeSearchr.

At the dawn of the television era, Americans wouldn’t tolerate corporate interest news. The news staff at NBC was always completely separate from the sales and marketing staff. Sales could never tell the news editors what stories they couldn’t run, as the conflict of interest (viewers/readers/truth vs. ads) is obvious.

Sometime after Vietnam and Watergate, we just wanted to veg out and be entertained. Movies like Network showed how times were changing. Still, though, you could find good journalism in magazines like Rolling Stone. Contrast that with today, where Rolling Stone literally published a fictional rape account as real.

Spectacles like OJ Simpson really blurred the line between news and entertainment. Reality TV hit, and then all of a sudden news and entertainment were the same thing.

I’ve been telling my wife that I love this election: it’s the most entertaining politics I’ve ever seen.

The downside is that the death of journalism is very closely aligned with the death of truth. I don’t need my news to have ‘spin’. I would love to get just the facts. Today, though, everyone has an agenda.

I recently read that Brock Turner didn’t actually commit penis-in-vagina rape. He only used his finger on the unconscious girl. I don’t condone that. That is wrong. However, all I’ve been told about Brock Turner repeatedly via social media and corporate media is that he’s a scumbag who got off on the lightest sentence possible because the judge liked him and apparently hated women.

There are rapes that occur that are much more brutal than what Brock may have done, if that’s true. I haven’t looked it up yet. Because I don’t have all the time in the world.

That’s the point of the journalist. Spend time digging through the facts, write the copy, send it to the editor, and get it published so I don’t have to research every goddamn thing on my own.

Maybe Brock did do a penis-in-vagina rape and maybe it was brutal. Given how the media portrayed Trayvon Martin as a 4th grader being shot by a “white” George Zimmerman, even going so far as to edit the 911 calls to make Zimmerman appear to be obsessed with race, leads me to believe almost any counter-narrative I hear.

In my intro to newspaper writing class, my professor told us that when you write about someone you are handling their reputation, and for some people, their reputation is the only thing they truly have. It really bothers me when the people with the typewriters are injecting their own politics into the lives of private citizens, angering many and endangering the people who are already under tremendous stress.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brock Turner was charged with and convicted of rape for tea-bagging the girl (no penetration), which is why his sentence was so light. Makes sense to me.

Which brings me back to Hillary Clinton. She’s not even president but every media outlet is in her pocket. Dr. Drew got canceled as retaliation for talking about Hillary’s health. So did some radio guys. Stand up comedians stopped being funny on Twitter so they could tweet non-stop about how awful Trump is — even though he would give them YEARS of material.

If this is what happens before a Hillary presidency, what happens after?? I don’t want to find out. I do personally believe if she wins, anyone who investigates her for a real story will be made an example of. One of those suicides by shooting themselves in the back of the head 3 or 4 times. I truly do believe that.

Contrast this with Trump, who may be the most inviting presidential candidate ever. He’s constantly holding press conferences, answering interview questions, and even went to the ‘spin’ room after the first debate to talk to journalists, something that apparently just isn’t done.

If Trump is truly corrupt, I hope some investigative journalist publishes the evidence. Today, the closest thing we have to real journalism is fucking Wikileaks.

Journalism is not quite dead, but it’s in a coma. If Hillary Clinton wins this election, journalism will be our decade’s Terry Schiavo, and Hillary will be the one pulling the plug.

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