Election 2016 – The Entitlement Metaphor

This election has been the most entertaining in my lifetime.

When I watch good entertainment like Game of Thrones, I reflect on the themes and how the characters interact with those themes. So what’s the theme of this election?

Broadly, it’s globalism vs. nationalism. But when you introduce the characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there’s a theme that I see that’s not talked about much in the mainstream. It’s traditionalism vs. feminism, but not in the way that you might think.

Obviously Hillary represents feminism. I’ve never particularly liked Hillary, but I respect how hard she has worked to attain the power she’s gotten. She has set very high goals and has achieved them. She’s also learned from many of her biggest, most public mistakes.

I remember reading an interview with her sometime around 2009 where Hillary said that working in Washington was very difficult. Everyone is expected to work around the clock. 14 and 16 hour days were not uncommon, and people get burned out and can’t take it.

Trump, too, is obviously an exceptional worker. He’s been out stumping around, campaigning virtually nonstop since mid-2015. 12-16 hour days are very likely his norm.

One reason that I suspect Trump doesn’t think America is great anymore is that many of us are entitled. We’re constantly told we live in the best country in the world and we’re the best people in the world and the best this and the best that. It’s easy to think if I’m the best I shouldn’t have to work or do something else I don’t want to do. After all, the best people don’t work hard, right?

Trump wants to win. Winning is his brand. I personally think Trump cares about this country and its citizens. I think Trump actually wants to be president. And almost every move he’s done recently reflects that.

Hillary wants to be president too, but based on her history, I think she believes she’s entitled to the presidency. She went to Arkansas and married Bill and helped him win the governorship, then lose it, then win it again and then helped him win, and almost lose, the White House. She then became the first first-lady senator. The plan was always “First Bill then Hill.” She’s done the work, so she expects the rewards.

Feminists believe that women should be paid the same as men even if their work isn’t as good. Hillary said so during the first debate, attacking Trump because he thought people should be paid based on the merit of their work.

Hillary isn’t holding press conferences. She’s not campaigning. Some people think it’s due to her health, but her team says her health is not a concern.

If that’s the case, I have no reason to doubt that Hillary is in great shape, and she simply doesn’t think she needs to put in the work to win, because either the game is rigged (she knows she’ll steal the election), or she believes she’s already done the work and is entitled to the position.

This election is important not because of who wins, but because of what whomever wins represents. I’m voting Trump, not because I think his presidency will make any lick of difference in my day-to-day life, but because Hillary ironically represents the establishment that has made it clear that they don’t like traditionalists.

Will Hillary work to get me to change my mind? Will Hillary work for my vote? I’m not counting on it.

At least Hillary really believes what she says — she’s doing 50% of the work that Trump is on the campaign trail, yet she think she actually deserves the job because vagina.

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