Why The Media Is Making A Mistake In Promoting Hillary’s Lead

I recently spent some time with the wife’s family. They watch TV and it’s always on in the background. Except for a couple of shows, I do not watch TV. I get my news from the Internet, and lots of it from Twitter specifically.

The TV media is against Trump, hard. Yet they’re obsessed with him. I can tell you all sorts of things that Trump did or Trump said, according to them. Yet they don’t talk about Hillary, good or bad, much at all.

This election has shown rigging taking place. The DNC hack proved it. I always thought it kind of strange that Hillary didn’t take Bernie Sanders seriously. In fact, I believe that Bernie did his job too well. He was always supposed to lose to Hillary, to give her more credibility. I would not be surprised if they were in collusion together from day one of his campaign, especially given how abruptly he ended it.

Before Trump had the nomination, the GOP made it so that certain states couldn’t even participate in the delegate vote! There were also very many meetings that the elite in this country held to stop Trump, and he still got the nomination anyway.

For the past few weeks, the media have reported on these polls that supposedly show Trump trailing far behind Hillary. I personally don’t believe these polls. Scott Adams gives them the benefit of the doubt, and even in my Twitter echo chamber I see some folks talking about recent Trump mistakes.

Since the media is reporting on this polls, and the media has completely controlled much of the narrative (TV is especially blatant), I just refuse to believe that Trump is losing as much as he is. He may be behind, but I think it’s a much closer race, and I think the media is trying to get people to believe that Hillary will win in a landslide, hoping that this narrative will get the pro-Trump folks to stay home and not vote.

I could be right. I could be wrong. Either way, if the media really does want Trump to lose (as they’ve stated), they’re doing their side a YUGE disservice by publicizing these poll results so much.

I haven’t voted in a presidential election since 1996. It’s not that I chose this actively, it’s more that I have this habit of moving or having a life event occur on election day that has kept me from exercising my right to vote.

I will be voting in 2016 and I intend to vote for Trump. He’s not perfect, but I like much of what he’s said on immigration and his healthcare policy, among other things. Hillary is not the direction I want this country to go.

I’ve never really thought my vote was of importance. But the corrupt, lying media has energized me more than the Trump campaign has. I simply don’t believe the poll numbers, and I don’t believe the media, and I want to prove them wrong.

The corrupt lying media is part of the political establishment and in just 70 years the USA has declined maybe more quickly than any other empire in history. It may be too late to turn the tide.

I know a lot of people who don’t believe the media and I expect them to vote in droves for Trump come election day.

This is the first time in my life that I cannot wait to cast my vote.

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