A White Guy’s Solution To Black America’s Problems

For most of my adult life I’ve not given much thought to the plight of black people in the United States. I believe that it’s up to any culture to solve their own cultural problems. For instance, I think it is up to the Japanese government to figure out why its citizens aren’t having babies and address that problem.

There are lots of problems unique to black America, and I don’t even think black people would necessarily want white people’s help or advice.

I grew up dirt poor, for the most part. In 5th grade I went to a school that had to be 90%+ African-American, an inner city school. If you think I’m racist for conflating poor school districts with majority black enrollment, well, I beg you to show me an affluent, majority black public school anywhere. Anyhow, my family lived in a trailer park at least twice (we moved a LOT so my memory isn’t crystal clear on how many trailers we lived in). I guess because we were white, that’s why we got the double-wide at least once.

I know what it’s like to be poor and to have a mindset of poverty.

Lucky for me though, my family never had the mindset of entitlement. I can tell you entitlement knows no class or ethnic boundaries. I’ve seen as many entitled rich white people as poor black people.

I haven’t been asked how to fix black society, and I do understand if some blacks are insulted by the notion of a white man having an opinion on what could help fix some of the problems in the community, but good ideas also know no class or ethnic boundaries.

The spark of the idea came as I was reading Vox Day’s Cuckservative. There’s a quote near the beginning:

As an American, I place America and Americans of all colors and religions first. I love my homeland and my people. A Muslim or African-American who loves America and elevates Western values above those of his native land is my brother. Those who reject American values find no friendship with me.

If you’re black, and you believe that white racism exists, and is institutionalized, then you’re going to see it everywhere you look, regardless of whether or not it’s really there.

Sometimes it’s actually there, and sometimes it’s not, but that doesn’t matter, because you believe the man is keeping you down and you’d have to be insane not to see all of the evidence of it.

Your mindset becomes your reality. This is as true for individuals as it is for cultures.

If you truly believe the man is going to keep you down, and you’re taught that by your family, friends, and school, then of course you’re going to see examples of racism everywhere you look.

I believe that the root of most of black America’s problem comes from the mindset that racism is engrained in the culture, and that belief is then used as an excuse as to why blacks cannot achieve in the white man’s world, and thus many blacks don’t even try to succeed.

If I’m black and that’s my mindset, why would I race to defend America? America has been horrific to me and my people! The Constitution really has never protected me, why should I consider myself an American? Why should I believe that America gives a fuck about me?

If I’m black, why should I vote for what’s best for the country instead of what’s best for my people?

If I’m going to vote, I’m going to vote for the people that will give me the shit that me and my people are entitled to! The country doesn’t care about me, why should I care about it? I need to be fed.

We have a sizeable population of black Americans who don’t feel like they are the same Americans as white Americans are, even with a black president at the helm.

As a matter of policy I do think the Government should make teaching history and patriotism a priority in our inner city schools (and really all of our schools, tell us why the idea of America is so unique), and help change the mindset. That’s how non-blacks can help.

If you’re not born into the Elite, then the world really is against you. It’s up to you to figure out how to succeed. It doesn’t matter your race or ethnicity. The cards are stacked against you. But only you can play the cards you’ve been dealt.

If your culture has the mindset that injustice is everywhere and that white America is racist and keeping you down, then your culture will never truly flourish, and many of your best and brightest will never be known. Change the cultural mindset, however, and the possibilities are endless.

The first step to achieving something is actually believing that you are capable of doing so eventually. If you don’t believe you can do something, you will not be able to do it no matter what.

It’s easy for me to say all this with my white skin, but take that out of the picture. The media wants you to believe that racism is everywhere and seems to do all it can to incite major violence and uprisings. And you want to believe the media, right? Congratulations, you’re now their slave. The media wants ratings and will race to wherever those ratings are. Ask yourself, after all the major media coverage of the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, how much better off are the people in each of those places?

Help yourself first, then your brothers and sisters.

Black people: Until your mindset changes, you are still a slave. Break free.

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