2014-03-23 – Julie Horvath

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Kevin believes in meritocracy because he’s white and male. The new symbol of oppression is a five-tentacled androgynous octopus on a carpet with the word “Meritocracy” on it at GitHub. Patriarchy rules  and thus Julie Horvath quits GitHub in this edition of the FOKM podcast!

Episode 36 – Jan 19 2014

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Happy 2014 everyone. On this episode, Kevin discusses home loan applications, being in control of his life, the digust a redditor’s story brought him, and how Bill Burr’s great advice on his podcast last week shouldn’t be so lauded.

This woman shaves her pubes. You can tell.
Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Pubic Hair Trends Reveal Women’s True Nature

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I want to talk about pubic hair.

This woman shaves her pubes. You can tell. Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

This girl shaves her pubes.
Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Female pubic hair.

And The Red Pill.

See, long ago, I was a blue piller. I actually believed what women said and gave credence to their opinion. Sometimes they said things that frustrated me. Other times they said things that hurt me.

I didn’t understand, though, how they could say one thing (“I love guys who make me laugh” or “I am looking for a good guy”) and then do something else (have sex with a guy not as funny as me, or date a guy and pay his rent too). Why are so many women so hypocritical?

Sure, I was a smart guy. Heck, I had even graduated college with honors distinction. And I was building a successful career.

But still I could not figure out why women would act this way.

These women were not dumb. They weren’t as smart as I was but they weren’t dumb either. It would be a few years before I would have The Red Pill involuntarily taken (I’m convinced I took The Red Pill rectally) and the closest I had ever heard about why you should never listen to a woman’s dating advice was, “Would a wolf ask for hunting advice from a deer?”

I never quite liked that. Because unlike deer, women want to be hunted. Other than that difference, though, that rhetorical question made sense.

So much of seduction and building attraction focuses on outcome independence. Really learning outcome independence takes practice, and I hope that you can keep this article in mind the next time you hit the town looking for some fun. Here’s the fast track to outcome independence.

You can’t take what women say seriously. And their pubic hair proves it.

If you’re older than say, 33, as of 2013, you’ll know that what I’m about to write is true. Younger than 33, and you may not believe me.

When I graduated high school in the mid-90s, girls and women had pubic hair. The only females who shaved their pubes were in porn.

Let that sink in, young-ins. Only pornstars shaved their pubes.

By around 2003, less than 10 years after I graduated high school, this had all changed. Most women and girls did not have pubic hair.

Playboy was late to the game. Their first shaved centerfold was 2001! By then, 99% of women had made the change.

What happened?

The Internet happened. The Internet brought porn to the masses in a way that it had never been delivered before. I told my parents that I wanted a computer so I could do things like book plane tickets online and do homework, but in reality I wanted to download nonstop porn. And boy, did I.

Towards the latter half of the 90s, I heard many women say the following to me and other men. And please read the below in the bitchiest inner voice you can muster:

I can’t believe you want me to shave. What are you, some creepy pedophile? You’re fucking disgusting. What, you want to fuck some 12-year-old? That’s it, isn’t it? You like 12-year-old hairless girls you fucking creepy perverted bastard!

Men under 30, you must believe me when I tell you that this is true. Only men who were creeps and pedophiles would want a woman to be shaved.

Men over 30, notice how those old jokes women used to make about a man not being able to find the clitoris have all disappeared?

I want to repeat I heard the above quote multiple times from multiple women, and I heard stories from other guys that said exactly the same thing.

What is a worse thing to call a man in modern society than a pedophile? Really think about that. If you were to call a man a pedophile, would you have some feelings behind that accusation? Could you ever change your mind about what constituted pedophile-like behavior?

Women did. (Insert your own joke about women constantly changing their minds.)

As we are about to enter 2014 the majority of women under 50 are shaved. Girls are expected to start shaving their oh-so-new-and-forbidden pubes as soon as they start growing in. Don’t shave, well, there’s a stigma. Men won’t want to fuck you, and other girls will think you’re gross.

Today’s teenage girls don’t even think about “to shave or not to shave.” They know what men (and women) expect.

This has everything to do with outcome independence and building inner game.

Once you realize that you can discard women’s opinions, especially in the area of sexual matters, can you possibly be hurt or frustrated by the difference between what they say and what (or who) they do?




As a counter to this, do you think that within 15 years, any form of pedophilia will be accepted and even expected by most of society?

So, young grasshopper, the next time a woman says she’ll only date a guy who is tall, or she doesn’t like hairy guys, or that she’ll never have sex with a guy who is overweight, or that she’ll never play videogames, or that she doesn’t give head; Know that while she may actually believe what she’s saying, you know differently because she shaves her pussy, and she wouldn’t if we were in 1984.

If your mind isn’t blown away by now, then think about this:

Who started telling women to shave first?


Why did women start shaving their vagges?

Because alphas expected it.

Alphas made their expectations known, and women everywhere complied.

So what’s stopping you from making your expectations known? And what will happen when you finally realize that women will do anything you want if you make them feel good?

You’ll get lots of pussy, that’s what.

Until next time, you’re welcome.

Episode 34 – DC Talk

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In Episode 34 Kevin talks about Washington, DC and why it’s not a good place to live.

Kevin also explains how Katy Perry’s Part of Me validates a core game concept. Which one? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Saving Sarah Silverman

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Sarah Silverman recently participated in the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. I watched the roast and loffed and LOLed throughout most of it. And I don’t even like James Franco all that much.

In order to participate in a roast, you have to have a very thick skin. It’s not only the honoree that gets roasted but anyone on the dais is fair game. Sarah Silverman was on the dais that night, and jokes were made about the fact that Sarah is no spring chicken. Here are some of the lines from Jonah Hill:

Sarah Sliverman…everyone’s like ‘she’s hot for a comic’, but I don’t agree. Everyone’s like ‘she’s hot for a comic’ but I’m like ‘she’s hot for her age.’

Seriously Sarah you were my favorite comic as a kid.

Sarah is a role model for every little girl out there. Seriously every little girl dreams of being a 58-year-old single standup comedian with no romantic prospects on the horizon. They all dream of it, but Sarah did it.

So Sarah goes on some show to talk about what it was like being the target of those jokes and well, here’s the video as well as a transcript of the relevant portion:

Me being old, first of all, at the roast? — completely took me by surprise … Because it’s personal, that is just so woman-based. I wasn’t even the oldest one on that dais. … I feel like it’s a part of, as soon as a woman gets to an age where she has opinions and she’s vital and she’s strong, she’s systematically shamed into hiding under a rock. And this is by progressive pop-culture people! You know what I mean? It’s really odd! I feel bad that it cut me. Because I should be like this about it (brushing her hand off her shoulder). I feel like your joke is that I’m still alive. My crime is not dying.

I’m glad that Sarah said that she felt like a hypocrite and that she would fight to the death for someone’s right to make fun of the fact that she’ll be in Depends adult diapers in a few years. But the rest of what she said makes me sad and it’s my sincere hope that Silverman reads this, considers the points made, and sucks my cock (sans dentures, my requirement) because I’m a goddamned genius.

Sarah is known for making audiences very uncomfortable with her extremely racist one-liners. It’s one reason I’ve liked her humor for so long. Yes, I went to go see Jesus Is Magic in the movie theater and even brought a friend (you’re welcome Sarah). My friend did not like the movie. He’s Jewish and he thought Holocaust jokes were over the line.

Sarah, being a white woman who was young and attractive at the time, would say horrifying yet funny things and the audience wouldn’t know how to react. I am a sucker for this kind of humor. I’ve seen Sarah numerous times in Los Angeles and one negative about seeing her there is that her fans come out or people are happy to see a celebrity and so that tension is not there. Kind of sucks for me.

Sarah’s jokes wouldn’t work as much coming from a white man. But her jokes worked (if you found them funny, and I did) partly because of her looks. And those looks, tall, white, not-too-Jewish, and female, helped her standup act immensely.

So about that roast. Sarah said she didn’t expect to be the target of jokes about her age. And the first thing she says is, “You’re making fun of me for still being alive.” Well, yes. But didn’t you make similar jokes about Bea Arthur (more specifically, her big floppity sloppy bushy wiry gray vagina”)? Or what about this video from Jesus is Magic where you sing “You’re going to die soon” to old people.

Sarah then goes on to say that maybe they focused on her age because they are “threatened by a woman with opinions.” Sarah, you’ve got to stop surrounding yourself with people who worship you and thus won’t give you a grip on reality. Lots of women have opinions on everything from what nail polish they prefer to who their favorite character in True Blood is. Some of the smarter ones even have opinions about political issues, as you seem to. So obviously the James Franco Roast was a major conspiracy by the Hollywood establishment to stop you from having your pro-woman opinions, and you bravely called those chauvinistic bastards out on it!

And you would know, wouldn’t you? You’re a comedian, and thus when you write your jokes in your notebook, like the one you wrote that went like this:

I always think I should get on it if I want to have kids. Because once you hit thirty it can be difficult to conceive — it can be dangerous. The best time to conceive is when you’re a black teenager.

…it wasn’t because the joke was funny or shocking, no, it was because you were threatened by black teenagers with strong opinions! (Me, I’m just threatened by black teenagers.) So no wonder you must think that the reason you were the butt of so many age jokes has less to do with your age and how your sexual market value diminishes as each second passes, but instead it has to be because you are more outspoken now than ever. Of course that’s it.

You then gave the host of the show a t-shirt that said “FEMINIST” he could wear, stating that you didn’t like the language of “us and them” and that you wanted to be all inclusive. No more dividing language.

Sarah, if that were true, why wouldn’t you have done a Demetri Martin and given him a shirt that said, “Person”?

It seems as if the statement you were making is that there shouldn’t be “us and them” language, but then you implied feminists were good, perhaps even better than other people, and those who disagree with that view are somehow wrong, but let’s not be divisive. Because who could possibly disagree with feminists on anything? Only an asshole like me would disagree with feminists, right?

Seems to me that no one is threatened by your outspoken opinions, but rather by the lack of thought and logic you have given to your opinions paired with the huge amount of people who are exposed to your opinions. Even in your current attempts at comedy, such as this Black NRA, a PSA-style video you did:

The above video makes the case that the National Rifle Association supports guns rights of everyone, and that should include black people, and thus, the Black NRA is born.

Our fund will put guns in the hands of those who need them most — young black men.

The reason the above video isn’t funny is because a comedy like this needs to be based on a grain of truth and well, statistics show that young black men have *plenty* of guns, Sarah. See this article:

According to stats from the Philadelphia Police Department, 75 percent of 324 victims killed last year were African American men, while 80 percent of those doing the killing were – you guessed it – black males.

And this article echoes that statement:

In Chicago alone, more than 270 children have been killed since 2007. And most of them were killed by other blacks, as are most of the nation’s homicide victims.

I am too lazy to look up the exact percentage, but my guess is that “most” means “more than 90 percent”. In fact, can you imagine the outrage if most black children in Chicago were killed by whites? Maybe you need to make a BCNRA (Black Child National Rifle Association) video.

So why let the fact that plenty of black men already have guns stop you from making a video about how blacks need guns? A video that is of course hosted by a white woman (as if blacks need whites to speak on their behalf).

But there’s no “us and them” right? In your world, there’s no way that Zimmerman could have believed he was about to die with his head being slammed into the concrete by someone he’s never even met before.

I’m even disappointed that instead of the Black NRA, you didn’t call it the NNRA! You’re losing your edge homegirl! You’ve used the word “nigger” before…

…so why stop now?

Sarah, I’m asking you to stop this awful spiral you’re in and start having an open mind. It’ll likely make you funnier and might broaden your appeal.

I saw you lots of times when I lived in LA and in this age where comedians like Louis CK, Jim Norton, Joe Rogan and more are writing new hours almost every year, you were still doing most of the same material in 2012 that I had seen in 2009. If any joke from the Franco Roast should have hurt your feelings, I would have guessed it would be this one, from Aziz Ansari:

Sarah Silverman is here. Some of the guys here tonight are really taking me to task over one Kanye West joke I did in my act five years ago. If anyone wants to make fun of any jokes Sarah did five years ago please don’t; she’s still doing those jokes.

Please don’t hate me Sarah. I’m just a fan who wants you to find your edge and humor again. This all comes from a place of love, and I’ll unzip my fly for you anytime.

Episode 33 – Twitter Wars

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Kevin defended Pax Dickinson (@paxdickinson) on Twitter and found himself the target of a Twitter war because of it.  This incident reaffirmed Kevin’s current belief that the US Government should force all citizens to serve a couple of years in the armed forces. And Kevin also no longer looks like John Candy.

Cheap Laughs – Get Some Patrice O’Neal Now

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As a video gamer, I’ve known about the Humble Bundle for years. These guys get together with independent game developers and release games on a “pay-what-you-want” model. They’ve recently ventured out into books and music, but last week they launched the Humble Comedy Bundle.

Currently, grabbing the Humble Bundle will get you the following:

  • Maria Bamford – The Special Special Special
  • Tig Notaro – Live
  • Hannibal Burress – My Name is Hannibal
  • Jim Norton – Please Be Offended

If you beat the average purchase price (currently about $8.75), you also get:

  • Louis CK – Live At The Beacon
  • Patrice O’Neal – Uncensored
  • Patrice O’Neal – Mr. P
  • Todd Glass – Todd Glass Talks About Stuff
  • Gary Gulman – In This Economy
  • I Am Comic – Stand-up Comedy Documentary by Jordan Brady

I purchased this bundle instantly. For the price alone, any one of these items is worth it. I’ve also met quite a few of the people above and all of them have been great to me.

But this isn’t about me — it’s about why you should purchase this bundle. And that reason is: Patrice O’Neal.

Mr. P is the only comedy album I’ve ever heard that accurately captures the energy of a comedy club. That energy, the anything-can-happen vibe, is a very hard thing to get captured, and Mr. P accurately documents it.

Patrice O’Neal died a few years ago. I heard his name but really started to know him when I started listening to the Opie And Anthony radio show on SiriusXM back in 2008. Patrice could take over the show and always had a fresh, unexpected take on things.

But he excelled in relationships and in how men and women interact. What guys want. How men should treat women. Since he died and the manosphere has taken off a bit, he’s become known as a “Red Pill” comedian. And he is. But he’s so much more.

Roosh has written recently about the lack of direction of the manosphere. He believes Mark Minter getting married is a sign of that. How women speak for the manosphere is bad and how he doesn’t want to hear a woman’s opinion on things, no matter what.

That’s his right and I respect him, but while lots of you know about Patrice O’Neal, did you know that he was also in a long-term relationship with a single mom?

The fact that Minter is a hypocrite does not negate his views on marriage. The fact that O’Neal was in an LTR with a single mother does not mean his observations are not spot on and hilarious at the same time.

Patrice O’Neal was not a “red pill” comic. He was a comedian period, just like the rest of the above group. He had a viewpoint and was unapologetic for it. Plus he was fucking hilarious. By pigeon-holing him into a specific category we are also limiting his potential reach.

That being said, my demographic certainly would enjoy Patrice’s humor and I think the world is a slightly sadder place without him. I’m very pissed at O’Neal for not releasing more albums and specials. You can also check out Elephant In The Room to see him work his magic, and beyond that, there’s not much video of him that I’m aware of.

You can currently purchase the Humble Comedy Bundle here for the next 6 days. Do it immediately.

Minter is Coming

Minter is Coming

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Minter is Coming

Minter is Coming


The manosphere is abuzz with the news that amazing commenter Mark Minter has gotten engaged.

I have very mixed feelings about this, but I skew towards mostly negative thoughts. I tweeted to Roosh that I felt like a hero died today. I feel very much like I did seeing what happened to Ned Stark in Game of Thrones Season 1.

Mark Minter started laying truth down late last year and unlike Heartiste/Roissy, Roosh and others Mark seemed to be older and bitten by the very bitter experience of having been in a loveless marriage and having kids who don’t appreciate anything he has done for them. From Mark’s bitter experiences came words of wisdom that only a beaten down man could have. Roosh gathered his experience by traveling. Mark gained his by following convention. While Roosh is great at explaining how he has learned so much by reading and traveling, the fact is that it’s much easier to identify with Minter, if not from personal experience than from the experience of seeing our parents’ and our friends’ parents’ marriages while growing up.

When a friend of mine tells me they are getting married, I no longer feign happiness. Instead I do my damnedest to talk them out of making a dumb decision. I’ve done this with the past two people to call me with the good news and I think it’s hurt our friendship. Which is fine–marriage kills many a friendship.

I have told myself again and again that marriage is simply not an option for me until the laws are changed in the US, or until I’m able to flee the US for greener pussy pastures.

The reason I have mixed feelings though is that I’ve lived long enough to have my opinions changed on things a few times.

I believe Mark is in or nearing his 50s. Solely from his writings, I believe he doesn’t have much disposable income due to his divorce and child support and all that. It’s hard to have energy to go out clubbing at my age (I’m in my mid-30s) forget about being 50 and having to go out and pull some tail without a strong foundation of money to rest behind. Further, being *that* bitter, while making for some wonderful reading material, easily seeps into one’s dating life (I know from direct experience). Attracting women and dating is about putting your best foot forward and not showing negative emotion. Imagine going through a bitter custody case or divorce and then having to go out and pretend everything is great just to get some pussy. Some people are better at it than others. Personally, I’m awful. If I’ve got high stakes drama, dating is the last thing I want to do, and it shows even if I try to hide it.

So you have a guy who is in danger of eventually turning into a bitter old man, a red pill woman finds him, and they fall in love, apparently. Deep down the remnants of the blue pill in me are telling me that I should be happy for them both.

Mark does have experience and maybe this marriage will be happier than his last one. You get older and your body starts to break down and you need someone to help you through that shit. It sounds like Mark can’t rely on his kids, so getting married may be a practical thing for him to do.

The problem is there is no crystal ball and the odds for Mark succeeding and being happy in marriage long term are just not good. While Mark is seemingly being hypocritical, I hope for his sake he hasn’t skipped on the pre-nump.

A few months before I quit Facebook I asked Mark if he would be on my podcast, via a Facebook message. When I checked Facebook once, a month later, I had a message waiting for him in my inbox. Our exchange was cordial and I was happy to communicate directly with him. He seemed happy to find like-minded people.

Assuming that Mark’s red pill ways made him bitter, he may have gone through a dry spell and then met many good men and a few women via his amazing insights. This is just pure speculation on my part. Now he’s found someone who shares and admires many of his viewpoints, apparently. So why is Mark Minter getting married? Because now that Fall is over, Minter is cumming. And if it doesn’t work out, in a few years we’ll hopefully have some more amazing material from him.

If Mark reads this: You still have an open invite to do my podcast if you’d like to talk about this at all.