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You’ve Been Played, Flag Burners

Our new President-Elect Donald Trump tweeting the following:

This singular tweet shows what a genius Trump is by how he leads the news cycle. It also how hypocritical and many times downright dumb many people are.

First, I don’t care about flag burning. I do believe that if we have true freedom of speech, then that ought to allow burning of the flag. However I also know that in a patriotic country, burning the flag is seen as very offensive. In many countries, burning the flag is completely illegal. Penn & Teller have a particularly great take on it:

But now that Trump has talked about “perhaps” punishing flag burners, the Internet is up in arms.

There are so many counterpoints I have off the top of my head that I am just stunned at many of my fellow Americans reactions.

  • “Speech” in this context refers to more than just speaking. Images, advertising, information, t-shirts, recipes, books, plays, movies, etc.
  • The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that flag burning is considered protected speech within the 1st Amendment. Therefore, burning the US flag is constitutional, and being punished by the State or Federal Government for doing so is not constitutional. This issue is settled, and my guess is Trump knows it.
  • If flag burning were to be a banned act of speech punishable by consequences, this would be just a tiny infringement on freedom of speech. Most people do not burn flags in their lifetime. However…
  • The second amendment Right To Bear Arms is CONSTANTLY being infringed upon by State and Federal governments, and the same liberals who would be outraged at being punished for flag burning are just fine with people accused of or guilty of domestic violence losing their right to bear arms, even though the Constitution of the United States does not even mention domestic violence.
  • Take it a step further, what if we made it the law that flag burning is legal only if you’ve passed a background check and have also never been accused or convicted of domestic violence? Is that OK, NeverTrumpers?
  • Even further — you can only burn a flag by cracking rocks together, or by magnifying the sun with a magnifying glass. Burning the flag with automatic lighters is an automatic felony. Attaching a lighter to a flag pole makes it an assault flag and you’ll do serious prison time.
  • No one has been deported for burning an American flag. No one has lost citizenship for doing so.
  • Russia is good that they don’t punish dissent. So is Russia good today or bad today? I’m confused. I thought Russia went after anyone anti-Russian? I thought they were meddling in our electoral process? Cherry picking arguments using Russia is boneheaded.
  • Burning the US flag may get someone attention, but it does NOT get them persuasion. Trump knows this as well and fully expected people to burn flags as a result of his tweet. And the media covers it, showing again that Trump controls the news cycle and that Trump haters are REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE. He’s conducting you like an orchestra.
  • People who support Trump will see flag burners as OVERREACTIVE.
  • The President of the US could in theory sign an executive order that bans flag burning. This order would be overturned very quickly, and I think that even Trump supporters would view it as a waste of time. Still, Trump could do it and for a few months we’d have a slight loss of 1st Amendment protection until it was overturned.
  • The President of the US, therefore, is not a dictator and does not have absolute power. Checks. Balances. Even in fully Republican controlled government.
  • Most of our flags are made in China. Why does no one seem to care about this? That is a real issue.
  • Hillary Clinton wanted to ban flag burning in 2005 and have it punishable by a $100,000 fine and a year in prison if done to provoke. Trump says “perhaps” there should be punishment nearly identical to Hillary’s proposal and … shitstorm.
  • When Hillary introduced the bill, I could not find one protest against it where the protesters burned flags.
  • On a common sense level — why should an immigrant be allowed to come to the US, live here, potentially be subsidized, and then burn the flag? Seems kind of wrong to me, and probably most legal immigrants wouldn’t want to do this anyway. In fact, I am a citizen of another country myself and I would never burn their flag. I’m also a US citizen, and of course have never burned a US flag.
  • If I burned a gay pride rainbow flag the media would desecrate me. Yet burning the US flag isn’t really a big story in and of itself.
  • In fact, after gay marriage was legalized in the US, I never saw or heard of a gay pride flag being burned. President Trump makes one tweet, and the anti-Trumpers immediately burn the flag, which is what he wanted you to do, dumbasses.
  • So I just did a search for people who burned the gay pride flag. This guy was convicted of a HATE CRIME for doing it. This was before Trump was elected. And it was the only real incident I could find. It does beg the question: why is it OK to burn the American flag but a hate crime to burn a rainbow flag?
  • Is burning the Confederate Flag hate speech? Or is that OK? I’m totally confused guys.

The hypocrisy of so many of us is just made completely clear by the events of the last few months. If you’re upset about Trump’s tweet, congrats, you’ve been played. Flag burning of the American flag is a non-mainstream issue that seems completely mainstream.

Stop following the trends and start thinking about them.


Does Mark Zuckerberg Think Trump Will Win The 2016 Election?

I saw this article about Mark Zuckerberg telling his Facebook employees that diversity means tolerating many opinions, even good ones, about Trump this election:

There are many reasons a person might support Trump that do not involve racism, sexism, xenophobia or accepting sexual assault….that’s ultimately what Facebook is about: giving everyone the power to share our experiences, so we can understand each other a bit better and connect us a little closer together.

Zuckerberg's full message about diversity of opinions
Zuckerberg’s full message about diversity of opinions

This is the same Mark Zuckerberg that reprimanded employees for crossing out “Black Lives Matter” and replacing it with “All Lives Matter” on the walls of the company’s offices. He also encouraged employees to attend a company town hall so they could discover what Black Lives Matter was all about.

And that was back in February of this year.

Why, now, is it, that Zuckerberg is more tolerant? I mean, we know from Wikileaks that he can request a meet with Hillary’s people and they’ll work around their schedules to accommodate him.

My hunch is that Facebook’s own data shows that positive Trump posts outweigh negative ones at a huge rate. Enough people use Facebook that I do believe FB could accurately predict the popular vote for the 2016 election with the data they have on everyone.

Zuck is not defending Peter Thiel and he’s certainly not defending free speech. I think he’s cozying up to Trump, because he knows what the people want.

Shit That Pisses Me Off

Hillary Clinton and the Death of Journalism

I hold a degree in journalism. Never truly used it to do real, actual journalism. I do respect the profession, though, and while real journalism has been on the decline since the 90s, it’s Hillary Clinton that has driven a stake through its heart.

Journalism is currently on life support. 

Real journalism, not fluff pieces, hit pieces, op-eds, or movie reviews, only exists these days via online entities. Sometimes they’re entities that are semi-corporate, such as Brietbart, but mostly they’re individuals like Mike Cernovich, or sites like WeSearchr.

At the dawn of the television era, Americans wouldn’t tolerate corporate interest news. The news staff at NBC was always completely separate from the sales and marketing staff. Sales could never tell the news editors what stories they couldn’t run, as the conflict of interest (viewers/readers/truth vs. ads) is obvious.

Sometime after Vietnam and Watergate, we just wanted to veg out and be entertained. Movies like Network showed how times were changing. Still, though, you could find good journalism in magazines like Rolling Stone. Contrast that with today, where Rolling Stone literally published a fictional rape account as real.

Spectacles like OJ Simpson really blurred the line between news and entertainment. Reality TV hit, and then all of a sudden news and entertainment were the same thing.

I’ve been telling my wife that I love this election: it’s the most entertaining politics I’ve ever seen.

The downside is that the death of journalism is very closely aligned with the death of truth. I don’t need my news to have ‘spin’. I would love to get just the facts. Today, though, everyone has an agenda.

I recently read that Brock Turner didn’t actually commit penis-in-vagina rape. He only used his finger on the unconscious girl. I don’t condone that. That is wrong. However, all I’ve been told about Brock Turner repeatedly via social media and corporate media is that he’s a scumbag who got off on the lightest sentence possible because the judge liked him and apparently hated women.

There are rapes that occur that are much more brutal than what Brock may have done, if that’s true. I haven’t looked it up yet. Because I don’t have all the time in the world.

That’s the point of the journalist. Spend time digging through the facts, write the copy, send it to the editor, and get it published so I don’t have to research every goddamn thing on my own.

Maybe Brock did do a penis-in-vagina rape and maybe it was brutal. Given how the media portrayed Trayvon Martin as a 4th grader being shot by a “white” George Zimmerman, even going so far as to edit the 911 calls to make Zimmerman appear to be obsessed with race, leads me to believe almost any counter-narrative I hear.

In my intro to newspaper writing class, my professor told us that when you write about someone you are handling their reputation, and for some people, their reputation is the only thing they truly have. It really bothers me when the people with the typewriters are injecting their own politics into the lives of private citizens, angering many and endangering the people who are already under tremendous stress.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brock Turner was charged with and convicted of rape for tea-bagging the girl (no penetration), which is why his sentence was so light. Makes sense to me.

Which brings me back to Hillary Clinton. She’s not even president but every media outlet is in her pocket. Dr. Drew got canceled as retaliation for talking about Hillary’s health. So did some radio guys. Stand up comedians stopped being funny on Twitter so they could tweet non-stop about how awful Trump is — even though he would give them YEARS of material.

If this is what happens before a Hillary presidency, what happens after?? I don’t want to find out. I do personally believe if she wins, anyone who investigates her for a real story will be made an example of. One of those suicides by shooting themselves in the back of the head 3 or 4 times. I truly do believe that.

Contrast this with Trump, who may be the most inviting presidential candidate ever. He’s constantly holding press conferences, answering interview questions, and even went to the ‘spin’ room after the first debate to talk to journalists, something that apparently just isn’t done.

If Trump is truly corrupt, I hope some investigative journalist publishes the evidence. Today, the closest thing we have to real journalism is fucking Wikileaks.

Journalism is not quite dead, but it’s in a coma. If Hillary Clinton wins this election, journalism will be our decade’s Terry Schiavo, and Hillary will be the one pulling the plug.


Why prove we live in a simulation?

There is apparently a new obsession among some of the hottest Silicon Valley CEOs. They want to help prove that we’re living in a simulation.

I loved The Matrix. I like thinking about philosophy. Truth. Reality.

My gut tells me that we don’t live in a simulation.

It’s an interesting concept but ultimately I have my doubts. I’ll go into that in a bit, but my gut tells me something else: the motivation for finding out if we live in a simulation is not pure. It’s not about knowledge. It’s not about truth.

When Darwin came up with his Theory of Evolution and it became scientifically accepted, it didn’t take long for the ruling class to come up with the idea of applying it to humans. Hell, many on the Internet still do it, likening certain races to certain creatures that are not evolved.

Back then it was called Social Darwinism. Now it’s morphed into something that sounds more innocuous: Human Biodiversity. Even ideas can evolve and get refined.

Social Darwinism is basically the idea that those who are the richest or most successful in life are the “fittest” human beings. This may have been true back in the late 1800s. It may even be true now.

The issue is what that “truth” allows people to justify.

Human Biodiversity may be true. It may be fact. OK, so let’s say it is. If we posit that most black people just aren’t as capable of being as book smart as most Asians, what are the social ramifications? Is it OK to give them the same tests? Should jobs be weighted in favor of certain people? Should we kill certain races because they are not as human, and thus a threat to the human species?

You can use Human Biodiversity to argue that blacks should be graded on a curve. You can also use HBD to argue that Mexicans are better crop workers and that Irish are more likely to be addicted to drugs. And we can then base funding decisions on race, and individuals may even hold themselves back because of self-limiting beliefs enforced by the truth of HBD. Lots of “good” and “bad” things could come about due to HBD being accepted as being true.

HBD is an easy example — it makes people uncomfortable and if it’s true, even more so.

And that’s my problem with proving we live in a simulation. Because if it is proven that we live in a simulation, then every horror that humans do to each other can be justified as not meaning anything because it’s not real, and therefore, doesn’t matter.

Elon Musk has said there’s a one in one billion chance that we don’t live in a simulation. There’s a 50% chance he’s wrong about that. But I think I have the simplest explanation for why we don’t live in a simulation.

Most of us are familiar with flight simulators. You fly an airplane via a complex computer system that accounts for weather, temperature, the model of plane, radio, etc. Basically anything that has to do with flying is accounted for. So you’ve got scenery, buildings, turbulence, air traffic control.

Do you know what you won’t find in a flight simulator? Cats.

There’s simply no need to program cats into a flight simulation. And if a flight simulator programmer was crazy enough to put a cat into the simulation, most people would likely never find it, and it would not be a full-fledged cat. It would not need to be fed, would not hunt for food, and would not go into heat.

Most flight simulators don’t even have co-pilots or passengers!

Why spend the time implementing, within the simulator, a programmer programming a fart app on an Android phone? That would be literally more pointless than the fart app itself!

The first step to being able to prove we live in a simulation is to determine what the point of the simulation is. This is akin to asking “What is the meaning of life?” And after thousands of years, we don’t have an answer to that question. Which makes it safe for me to believe that we don’t live in a simulation.

If I am wrong and we can prove that we are living in a simulation, that is going to be a very, very bad thing for most of us and unspeakable crimes against humanity will be justified because nothing is real. I don’t want to live in that simulation.

The motives of the people who want to do this research need to be questioned, because they appear to be going into it with the goal of proving that we do live in a simulation. Why do they want to prove that? What do they stand to gain?

Perhaps the goal of the simulation is to see whether or not any creature within the simulator can prove that it exists within a simulation. So Elon Musk or Peter Thiel or someone else funds the research that proves we live in a simulator…and at that moment, the entire simulation is stopped and reset. History ends and begins anew.

So, what’s the point again?


Election 2016 – The Entitlement Metaphor

This election has been the most entertaining in my lifetime.

When I watch good entertainment like Game of Thrones, I reflect on the themes and how the characters interact with those themes. So what’s the theme of this election?

Broadly, it’s globalism vs. nationalism. But when you introduce the characters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there’s a theme that I see that’s not talked about much in the mainstream. It’s traditionalism vs. feminism, but not in the way that you might think.

Obviously Hillary represents feminism. I’ve never particularly liked Hillary, but I respect how hard she has worked to attain the power she’s gotten. She has set very high goals and has achieved them. She’s also learned from many of her biggest, most public mistakes.

I remember reading an interview with her sometime around 2009 where Hillary said that working in Washington was very difficult. Everyone is expected to work around the clock. 14 and 16 hour days were not uncommon, and people get burned out and can’t take it.

Trump, too, is obviously an exceptional worker. He’s been out stumping around, campaigning virtually nonstop since mid-2015. 12-16 hour days are very likely his norm.

One reason that I suspect Trump doesn’t think America is great anymore is that many of us are entitled. We’re constantly told we live in the best country in the world and we’re the best people in the world and the best this and the best that. It’s easy to think if I’m the best I shouldn’t have to work or do something else I don’t want to do. After all, the best people don’t work hard, right?

Trump wants to win. Winning is his brand. I personally think Trump cares about this country and its citizens. I think Trump actually wants to be president. And almost every move he’s done recently reflects that.

Hillary wants to be president too, but based on her history, I think she believes she’s entitled to the presidency. She went to Arkansas and married Bill and helped him win the governorship, then lose it, then win it again and then helped him win, and almost lose, the White House. She then became the first first-lady senator. The plan was always “First Bill then Hill.” She’s done the work, so she expects the rewards.

Feminists believe that women should be paid the same as men even if their work isn’t as good. Hillary said so during the first debate, attacking Trump because he thought people should be paid based on the merit of their work.

Hillary isn’t holding press conferences. She’s not campaigning. Some people think it’s due to her health, but her team says her health is not a concern.

If that’s the case, I have no reason to doubt that Hillary is in great shape, and she simply doesn’t think she needs to put in the work to win, because either the game is rigged (she knows she’ll steal the election), or she believes she’s already done the work and is entitled to the position.

This election is important not because of who wins, but because of what whomever wins represents. I’m voting Trump, not because I think his presidency will make any lick of difference in my day-to-day life, but because Hillary ironically represents the establishment that has made it clear that they don’t like traditionalists.

Will Hillary work to get me to change my mind? Will Hillary work for my vote? I’m not counting on it.

At least Hillary really believes what she says — she’s doing 50% of the work that Trump is on the campaign trail, yet she think she actually deserves the job because vagina.

Shit That Pisses Me Off

Female Teenage Characters Are Going Gay

Some of you PlayStation 4 players may realize that as I write this, The Last of Us is on sale for $9.99 on the US PlayStation Network. If you’re not a gamer, please keep reading, because this post isn’t about games. But spoilers abound, so you’ve been warned.

Playing through TLOU was an amazing experience. It centered around an older man, Joel, whose daughter was killed at the beginning of a zombie-like invasion, and Ellie, who seems to be about 14-16 years old and is needing Joel to take her across the country to help find a cure.  Gameplay wise, I thought there was too much wandering around looking for trash and moving platforms around, and not enough compelling gameplay, however story-wise, the game is top notch, with an ending that seemed more like how a book might end.

I played the game when it came out on PS3, and when it was on sale last year, I snagged it again to play through TLOU: Left Behind, its DLC that came out well after the original game was released, on PS4. Left Behind shows Ellie’s life before she met Joel. She’s friends with this black chick and even though there are zombies she’s and her black chick friend are about as normal as teenage girls can be. Until her black friend kisses her.

When this happened about 70% of the way through Left Behind, I was disgusted. Ellie’s sexuality literally had nothing to do with anything in TLOU, and really nothing to do with anything in Left Behind, yet they had to force her sexuality to be an issue, and when the developers did so, of course they made Ellie gay, because that’s what creative types do nowadays, all the fucking time. And it ruined my memory of TLOU.

Ellie and Riley from TLOU Left Behind
These pre-teen looking girls are sexualized in The Last of Us: Left Behind

If there is a show or story that revolves around a teenage girl, there will always be a lesbian story line as long as the show is around long enough. It happens so much that I consider it to be hack, and it makes me angry because I cannot escape the gay.

I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I remember my parents saying things like, “What two people do in the privacy of their own home is none of my business.” Oh, I long for those days. Now, publicly, we can’t condemn anything anymore, it seems. If a bakery doesn’t want to make dick cakes for gay weddings, it makes national news. So much for the privacy of their own home.

I feel like I cannot escape the gay, and I’m a heterosexual middle-aged man who shuns mainstream entertainment. I watch very little TV, very few movies, and play video games in my very little spare free time, and yet gay is everywhere, and if there’s a teenage girl involved, it’s always there.

Remember NBC’s Heroes? Season 1 was for the most part fantastic, and I foolishly trusted the writers so I endured seasons 2 through 4. Hayden Panetierre played a cheerleader in high school named Claire, and she had a gay friend who was a male (and it’s rumored that the actor who played the gay character was upset because the producers never told him his character was gay beforehand and then the show dropped his character)…by the series end, one of the Claire’s best friends in college was her lesbian dorm mate and they kept hinting that a relationship was in the cards.

Even animated series aimed at kids and teenagers are not immune. Years ago a friend of mine got me into Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon, and I felt Seasons 2 and 3 had some very adult themes despite the fact that the show was aimed at kids. When the creators came out with The Legend of Korra, there was no doubt I had to watch.

Apparently, Korra did not meet expectations, so Nickelodeon let the series conclude via their online site only. One of the very last scenes (if not THE last scene) involved Korra starting a lesbian relationship, even though she had been heterosexual for the entire series.

End of Legend of Korra
Both of these characters were heterosexual until the last scene, because that’s how life works.

For some reason, I can’t think of a single instance of a gay teenage male character that started out as obviously heterosexual. My guess is that this goes to Heartiste’s maxim that feminism is about promoting female sexuality while demonizing male sexuality.

It may seem like a consume a lot of media from this post, but I don’t, so I can’t imagine how many more examples I’d be able to draw from if I consumed as much TV and movies as the average American.

Final thought about this: I don’t believe video games and movies cause violence, but I also do not believe that media doesn’t influence us at all. If media didn’t influence us, songs wouldn’t get stuck in our heads and advertisers wouldn’t buy commercials. Certainly gay acceptance would not have gotten mainstream in as little as 30 years. And now we have gay marriage. I attribute that to media.

I wonder how many teenage girls see games like TLOU Left Behind, watch shows like Legend of Korra, and then think that it’s completely normal to try muff-diving even though they’ve never thought about it before.



Why The Media Is Making A Mistake In Promoting Hillary’s Lead

I recently spent some time with the wife’s family. They watch TV and it’s always on in the background. Except for a couple of shows, I do not watch TV. I get my news from the Internet, and lots of it from Twitter specifically.

The TV media is against Trump, hard. Yet they’re obsessed with him. I can tell you all sorts of things that Trump did or Trump said, according to them. Yet they don’t talk about Hillary, good or bad, much at all.

This election has shown rigging taking place. The DNC hack proved it. I always thought it kind of strange that Hillary didn’t take Bernie Sanders seriously. In fact, I believe that Bernie did his job too well. He was always supposed to lose to Hillary, to give her more credibility. I would not be surprised if they were in collusion together from day one of his campaign, especially given how abruptly he ended it.

Before Trump had the nomination, the GOP made it so that certain states couldn’t even participate in the delegate vote! There were also very many meetings that the elite in this country held to stop Trump, and he still got the nomination anyway.

For the past few weeks, the media have reported on these polls that supposedly show Trump trailing far behind Hillary. I personally don’t believe these polls. Scott Adams gives them the benefit of the doubt, and even in my Twitter echo chamber I see some folks talking about recent Trump mistakes.

Since the media is reporting on this polls, and the media has completely controlled much of the narrative (TV is especially blatant), I just refuse to believe that Trump is losing as much as he is. He may be behind, but I think it’s a much closer race, and I think the media is trying to get people to believe that Hillary will win in a landslide, hoping that this narrative will get the pro-Trump folks to stay home and not vote.

I could be right. I could be wrong. Either way, if the media really does want Trump to lose (as they’ve stated), they’re doing their side a YUGE disservice by publicizing these poll results so much.

I haven’t voted in a presidential election since 1996. It’s not that I chose this actively, it’s more that I have this habit of moving or having a life event occur on election day that has kept me from exercising my right to vote.

I will be voting in 2016 and I intend to vote for Trump. He’s not perfect, but I like much of what he’s said on immigration and his healthcare policy, among other things. Hillary is not the direction I want this country to go.

I’ve never really thought my vote was of importance. But the corrupt, lying media has energized me more than the Trump campaign has. I simply don’t believe the poll numbers, and I don’t believe the media, and I want to prove them wrong.

The corrupt lying media is part of the political establishment and in just 70 years the USA has declined maybe more quickly than any other empire in history. It may be too late to turn the tide.

I know a lot of people who don’t believe the media and I expect them to vote in droves for Trump come election day.

This is the first time in my life that I cannot wait to cast my vote.


A White Guy’s Solution To Black America’s Problems

For most of my adult life I’ve not given much thought to the plight of black people in the United States. I believe that it’s up to any culture to solve their own cultural problems. For instance, I think it is up to the Japanese government to figure out why its citizens aren’t having babies and address that problem.

There are lots of problems unique to black America, and I don’t even think black people would necessarily want white people’s help or advice.

I grew up dirt poor, for the most part. In 5th grade I went to a school that had to be 90%+ African-American, an inner city school. If you think I’m racist for conflating poor school districts with majority black enrollment, well, I beg you to show me an affluent, majority black public school anywhere. Anyhow, my family lived in a trailer park at least twice (we moved a LOT so my memory isn’t crystal clear on how many trailers we lived in). I guess because we were white, that’s why we got the double-wide at least once.

I know what it’s like to be poor and to have a mindset of poverty.

Lucky for me though, my family never had the mindset of entitlement. I can tell you entitlement knows no class or ethnic boundaries. I’ve seen as many entitled rich white people as poor black people.

I haven’t been asked how to fix black society, and I do understand if some blacks are insulted by the notion of a white man having an opinion on what could help fix some of the problems in the community, but good ideas also know no class or ethnic boundaries.

The spark of the idea came as I was reading Vox Day’s Cuckservative. There’s a quote near the beginning:

As an American, I place America and Americans of all colors and religions first. I love my homeland and my people. A Muslim or African-American who loves America and elevates Western values above those of his native land is my brother. Those who reject American values find no friendship with me.

If you’re black, and you believe that white racism exists, and is institutionalized, then you’re going to see it everywhere you look, regardless of whether or not it’s really there.

Sometimes it’s actually there, and sometimes it’s not, but that doesn’t matter, because you believe the man is keeping you down and you’d have to be insane not to see all of the evidence of it.

Your mindset becomes your reality. This is as true for individuals as it is for cultures.

If you truly believe the man is going to keep you down, and you’re taught that by your family, friends, and school, then of course you’re going to see examples of racism everywhere you look.

I believe that the root of most of black America’s problem comes from the mindset that racism is engrained in the culture, and that belief is then used as an excuse as to why blacks cannot achieve in the white man’s world, and thus many blacks don’t even try to succeed.

If I’m black and that’s my mindset, why would I race to defend America? America has been horrific to me and my people! The Constitution really has never protected me, why should I consider myself an American? Why should I believe that America gives a fuck about me?

If I’m black, why should I vote for what’s best for the country instead of what’s best for my people?

If I’m going to vote, I’m going to vote for the people that will give me the shit that me and my people are entitled to! The country doesn’t care about me, why should I care about it? I need to be fed.

We have a sizeable population of black Americans who don’t feel like they are the same Americans as white Americans are, even with a black president at the helm.

As a matter of policy I do think the Government should make teaching history and patriotism a priority in our inner city schools (and really all of our schools, tell us why the idea of America is so unique), and help change the mindset. That’s how non-blacks can help.

If you’re not born into the Elite, then the world really is against you. It’s up to you to figure out how to succeed. It doesn’t matter your race or ethnicity. The cards are stacked against you. But only you can play the cards you’ve been dealt.

If your culture has the mindset that injustice is everywhere and that white America is racist and keeping you down, then your culture will never truly flourish, and many of your best and brightest will never be known. Change the cultural mindset, however, and the possibilities are endless.

The first step to achieving something is actually believing that you are capable of doing so eventually. If you don’t believe you can do something, you will not be able to do it no matter what.

It’s easy for me to say all this with my white skin, but take that out of the picture. The media wants you to believe that racism is everywhere and seems to do all it can to incite major violence and uprisings. And you want to believe the media, right? Congratulations, you’re now their slave. The media wants ratings and will race to wherever those ratings are. Ask yourself, after all the major media coverage of the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, how much better off are the people in each of those places?

Help yourself first, then your brothers and sisters.

Black people: Until your mindset changes, you are still a slave. Break free.


The Long Con of Family Court

I’ve been doing a series on how family court in the US is a scam. My stated goal is to bankrupt the system by means of educating its litigants. Once people know that the system is a scam, they’ll avoid it. The system is filled with con men.

The problem here is that most men know the system is stacked against them, and most men who enter the system believe that they are good men and that the system will do what’s best. They know that the courts favor the mother yet still proceed anyway. I understand this fully. I believe that what these men do not understand is the extent that the system works against them.

Here’s my full story. I’ve tried to make it so that the items below are facts, not he said/she said type of things.

Round 1 – I file for custody of my daughter  – 2009-2010

  • Mother has pending felony drug charges against her. Facing up to 20 years in prison.
  • Mother has not allowed father regular contact with his daughter.
  • Mother lives in Mississippi.
  • Mother does not have a job and relies on public assistance.
  • Mother did not name father on birth certificate — she named another guy. I performed DNA test before court and was determined to be father. I wanted to be listed as father on birth cert. Mother decided to fight me on it, while also demanding child support.
  • Father claims residence in Tennessee but works in California as a contractor.
  • After phone visitation was ordered by the court, mother allowed only certain “contact times” that were never in court order and never agreed to by father. Father called outside of one of these contact times and defendant’s family had father arrested and charged with telephone harassment. These charges were later dropped.
  • Mother and father both take court ordered drug tests. Father passes. Mother fails, but it was due to prescription drug, she claims. Mother never shows source of her prescription, and for some reason my counsel doesn’t think this is worth following up on.
  • During the course of the custody trial, mother gets married and pleads guilty to felony drug charges. Gets 3 years probation with monthly drug tests.
  • Court ordered mother and father to jointly attend class about not putting child in the middle. Father attended class on agreed to date. Mother did not. She attended later class, alone. No penalty for her.
  • Agreed Order: Mother keeps custody. Father, however, received one week a month of visitation, and he can have that visitation anywhere he wishes. He is also to pay $885/month in child support. Father also received 2 phone calls and 1 webcam per week. Father also received 2 weeks each of visitation in June and July. Mother cannot refer to anyone else as being daughter’s dad other than me. Father is officially to be listed on birth certificate.

That Agreement came sometime around August 2010. Basically, because I lived between TN and California, and was likely to move to California, the court would not award me custody. In fact, I never got to testify and I was told that the judge did not want to hear this case. Since I was going to get a week a month wherever I chose, I was told by my lawyer that this was really a best case scenario. If I decided to not agree to these terms, I would risk losing them and getting “every other weekend” which was not feasible under my living and work conditions. Because I believed that seeing my daughter was better than not seeing her, I agreed.

Keep in mind that my entire case was never heard. I think we got to one witness. Everyone is part of the scam — including the judge. The judge “not wanting to hear the case” is code for, “If you exercise your rights, you will probably be punished.” After all, the system has better things to do than actually try your case.

In September of 2010, I tried to make flight arrangements to see my daughter and the mother simply would not work with me. In October, the only dates I could make work were over Halloween and I purchased plane tickets. The mother refused to allow me Halloween because she already purchased a costume for my daughter. Her lawyer talked some sense into her.

Also, according to the agreed order, I was allowed one week per month with my daughter. Because travel is a hassle and airline tickets cost real money, I wanted to hook my weeks together. For instance, the last week of May and the first week of June. I filed a motion for clarification. The ruling: Denied. I cannot hook my weeks together. There must be at least one week between visits. The system is actively working against my daughter having her real dad involved in her life.

By December of 2010 I had had it, and filed a motion for the mother to be held in contempt for not allowing me my phone and webcam visitation.

Round 2 – Contempt charges against mother 2010-2013

  • Filed contempt against mother for denying me access to my daughter. At one point I actually purchased plane tickets for daughter and self to travel from TN to California. Mother knew this and would not allow me to take daughter. I requested reimbursement for tickets.
  • Filed contempt against mother for mother referring to other men as my daughter’s “dad” or “father” (which goes against language in our agreed order).
  • Mother counter complained that father hadn’t paid her child support and wanted father held in contempt. Turned out that mother moved and did not tell father what her new address was.

There’s some other minor stuff, but the main point was I needed to hold the mother’s feet to the fire. Well it turned into:

Round 2+ – Contempt charges change into custody dispute  – 2011-2013

  • Mother accused me of molesting my daughter.
  • Mother accused a babysitter I used in California of taking nude photos of and molesting my daughter.
  • Mother contacted MS Department of Human Services (DHS) for assessment.
  • Mother took our 3-year-old daughter for 2 pelvic examinations. Both showed no evidence of abuse. Under oath, mother claimed that doctor told her there was evidence of abuse, but could not explain why doctor’s paperwork did not reflect that.
  • Court-ordered guardian ad litem (a lawyer himself) is appointed. He travels to California during a visitation to see how I live.
  • DHS testified that mother complained to them about all of the visitation time father receives. DHS also visited mother once per month. DHS did not visit father.
  • In January 2013 deposition, mother changes her mind and now says she doesn’t believe father molested her daughter.
  • In this same deposition, the mother said that she wouldn’t mind if the father called his daughter every day for phone visitation even though it wasn’t court ordered (and I have called nearly every single day since this she said this.)
  • The mother admits that our daughter calls me “da da” and her new husband “daddy.” Clear violation of our agreed order.
  • In court, sometime around April 2013, guardian ad litem says that he doesn’t believe that father molested daughter; he believes that mother made up allegations, but there’s not enough proof of that. He only has his “gut feeling.” Therefore, he recommends that mother retain custody. However, he believes mother should not be able to throw allegations like this without any proof. So in the future, he recommends that any allegations against father need to come with a $5000 bond, paid at the time of the allegation by the mother, for the purposes of father’s legal defense. He also said that this was a “very close decision. I’m talking the distance between my fingers close,” as he holds his fingers together.
  • Verdict: Judge allows mother to retain custody. Contempt allegations against mother are held in abeyance until we have review hearing in 6 months. The $5000 bond recommendation is not implemented.

At this point I’ve been going through legal action regarding my daughter for 4 years. The court has made it clear that the court does not give a fuck about me (and by extension my daughter). I’m done with court.

If there was some negative circumstantial evidence, I may have been denied all contact with my child and even sent to prison due to the mother’s lies.

Holding of abeyance means “we’re not going to rule on this for a long time,” which in real life means, “Go the fuck away.”

This is all the preamble folks, because the events that inspired this series of articles about the scam of the family court system come from Round 3.

Round 3 – I file for custody of my daughter a 3rd time – 2015-2016

Why on earth would I do this?

After Round 2, I determined that the system could simply not help me or my daughter. They didn’t give a shit. I never went to the review hearing with the abeyance contempt charges because I never scheduled it because the court and the people in it had wasted my time and the message was loud and clear — GTFO. The mother of my daughter, a convicted felon who accused me of sexually molesting my daughter with absolutely no proof, then changed her mind when questioned under oath, was determined to be the better parent. Fuck the court.

Then a perfect storm occurred. My daughter had about 60 absences from first grade. This falls under truancy laws which are punished under child neglect. In 2015, the school system filed charges against the mother for failure to get our daughter to school.

I purchased a house in TN and moved in with my fiancee, who was now pregnant. I work from home 80% of the time.

The mother separated from her husband, slept with other men (around my daughter), and moved in with her parents.

The mother was arrested for shoplifting. She pled guilty and paid the equivalent of one month of my child support ($885) as a fine. The mother brought my daughter to court. The mother also was teaching my daughter how to shoplift (though it’s very hard to prove something like this in court — my daughter did apparently mention this to the guardian ad litem).

Finally, my six-year-old daughter was approaching 100lbs.

I did not want to go back to court after the last time. I reached out to the guardian ad litem. He told me in January of 2015 that if I could prove what I was saying in a court, I would receive custody. He would eventually know that I was telling the truth, as he was in criminal court the day that the mother was there to plead guilty to shoplifting.

Finally, my daughter’s weight had become a huge issue for me.

  • October 2014 – Mother shoplifts from major store. Gets charged.
  • January 2015 – My daughter has her 12th unexcused absence from school. The school system files charges against her. A warrant is issued
  • April 2015 – Mother pleads guilty to criminal shoplifting. The warrant for the truancy charges is still not delivered!
  • May 2015 – School fails my daughter in 1st grade due to excessive absences, per state policy. Mother protests it and because my daughter is smart (and teachers and admins don’t like doing paperwork before summer vacation), the school passes my daughter.
  • May 2015 – I file for custody of my daughter once again.
  • June 2015 – The state attendance officer is out of town for a scheduled court date on the child neglect/truancy charges against mother. She asks the criminal court to not have the hearing without the state present. The hearing is had and charges against the mother are dropped. I later track down the judge and ask about this, and he told me point blank that even if the state had shown up, the charges would have been dropped anyway because the school passed my daughter. Because the school passed my daughter, that means no harm was done to her.
  • August 2015 – The mother denies having sex with other men (even though she’s still married, just separated). The mother denies that she actively shoplifted. She says it was a misunderstanding where she left the store boundary holding merchandise. The guardian ad litem tells my lawyer in private that if we can prove that the mother has lied, he will award custody to us.
  • November 2015 – A man testifies that he had sex with the mother. A representative of the merchant brings a video of the mother’s shoplifting and shows it to the court. The video directly contradicts the mother’s testimony, down to the details of the alarm going off. I marry my pregnant fiancee, which means I will also have a real stable family home for my daughter to come to.
  • February 2016 – My daughter’s teacher testifies that my daughter is smart and her mother packs her “healthy Lunchables” most days.
  • February 2016 – I testify and do a really great job. I had a fantastic mindset and didn’t have to resort to badmouthing or lying or anything else. I focus a bit on my daughter’s weight, and provide pictures. One thing I testify to is that every time I have my daughter her weight goes down, and every time she’s with her mother her weight goes up. I testified that my daughter weighed 125lbs, the mother testified that she weighed 120lbs. She hadn’t even turned 8 yet. Even under conservative estimates by the mother, testimony and court documents point to my daughter gaining 15-20 lbs during the course of the trial itself!
  • February 2016 – All testimony in the case is heard. The last to testify was the mother, who admitted she lied in August 2015. Her lawyer actually asked her, “You are aware if you retain custody this time that this is your last chance. If we’re back in this court, you are not going to keep custody of your daughter.” That was HER LAWYER.
  • February 2016 – The guardian ad litem makes his recommendation. In Mississippi, there are 3 tests to modify custody. There must be a substantial material change in circumstances. The guardian ad litem says that plaintiff proved that. The second test is adverse effect to the child, and because my daughter is smart, is doing fine in school, etc., that even with the shoplifting and everything else that has gone on, it was a very close decision, the space between my fingers close, but overall, the father did not prove adverse affect.

The defense had almost nothing bad to say about me. The big complaint they had was that I lived with my fiancee before we were married.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The third time, though. Goddam am I speechless.

After reading all of this the main question is, what on earth does the mother have to do to lose custody?

I spent this past weekend with my now 8-year-old daughter. She now weighs 129.2 lbs.

I love my daughter tremendously, however I’m way past doing right by her. I’ve done right by her for these past 7 years. And my reward for it is to see this sweet girl who weighs more than some adult women I know, a visual reminder of how I don’t have influence over my own daughter and how those who do don’t give a fuck.

If the system doesn’t care, really, then, why should I?

My daughter may be a lost cause  but if you if you or someone you know is thinking about filing for custody of their children, please ensure they read this series of posts. I’ve spent YEARS and TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and the system, for some reason, believes that a convicted shoplifter and drug felon who refuses to address her daughter’s health and admittedly perjured herself and actively kept her daughter out of school is the more worthy parent.

Me? I work hard, own my own business, and have never been convicted of anything except a traffic ticket, get lied to, chewed up, and spit out. Because I care about my daughter. In fact, having custody of my daughter would have made my life much harder, specifically as it involves traveling to my clients, but I’d figure that out. I always do. I haven’t even missed a child support payment.

The guardian ad litem also told the court that if he were in my shoes, he would have done exactly what I did by coming to court. In other words, he believed that I didn’t bring “Round 3” action because of malice or spite, but because I’m a concerned father. At the very least, I thought, that would mean that I’d get my legal fees paid for by the defendant.

Well, I didn’t. I basically paid $17k to determine that the mother of my child is a perjurer. My daughter had over 40 absences and 20 tardies. It was clear that the mom didn’t even want to do her duties as a mother. And it just didn’t matter.

Stay away from family courts. 


Tom Ball’s Dying Words

Years ago I remember reading a story about a man, Thomas Ball, who set himself on fire, killing himself in the process, to protest family court proceedings in New Hampshire.

I never read his rationale for doing what he did.

I’ve decided to print it here in its entirety, as part of my US Family Court is a SCAM series. I’ve also bolded portions I think are relevant, insightful, etc.

I disagree with his want to change the system via violent means, as the citizens of this country are too fat, dumb, and watching The Voice instead of doing something more important — for all the points Mr. Ball here makes, he misses something key — for now, all we have to do is bankrupt the system to change it, and that is easier than it sounds.

He also made the assumption that his death would cause some sort of national conversation to take place. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

A man walks up to the main door of the Keene N.H. County Courthouse, douses himself with gasoline and lights a match. And everyone wants to know why.

Apparently the old general was right. Death is not the worst of evil.

I am due in court the end of the month. The ex-wife lawyer wants me jailed for back child support. The amount ranges from $2,200. to $3,000. depending on who you ask. Not big money after being separated over ten years and unemployed for the last two. But I do owe it. If I show up for court without the money and the lawyer say jail, then the judge will have the bailiff take me into custody. There really are no surprises on how the system works once you know how it actually works. And it does not work anything like they taught you in high school history or civics class.

I could have made a phone call or two and borrowed the money. But I am done being bullied for being a man. I cannot believe these people in Washington are so stupid to think they can govern Americans with an iron fist. Twenty-five years ago, the federal government declared war on men. It is time now to see how committed they are to their cause. It is time, boys, to give them a taste of war.

There are two kinds of bureaucrats you need to know; the ones that say and the ones that do. The bridge between them is something I call The Second Set of Books. I have some figures of the success of their labors. You and I are in these numbers, as well as our spouses and children. But first let me tell you how I ended up in this rabbit hole.

My story starts with the infamous slapping incident of April 2001. While putting my four year old daughter to bed, she began licking my hand. After giving her three verbal warnings I slapped her. She got a cut lip. My wife asked me to leave to calm things down.

When I returned hours later, my wife said the police were by and said I could not stay there that night. The next day the police came by my work and arrested me, booked me, and then returned me to work. Later on Peter, the parts manager, asked me if I and the old lady would be able to work this out. I told him no. I could not figure out why she had called the police. And bail condition prevented me from asking her. So I no longer trusted her judgment.

After six months of me not lifting a finger to save this marriage, she filed for divorce. Almost two years after the incident, I was talking with her on the phone. She told me that night she had called a mental health provider we had for one of the kids. Wendy, the counselor told my then wife that if she did not call the police on me, then she too would be arrested.

Suddenly, everything made sense. She is the type that believes that people in authority actually know what they are talking about. If both she and I were arrested, what would happen to our three children, ages 7,4 and 1? They would end up in State custody. So my wife called the police on her husband to protect the children. And who was she protecting the kids from? Not her husband, the father of these children. She was protecting them from the State of New Hampshire.

This country is run by idiots.

The police sergeant Freyer screwed this up from the get go. When I got the Court Complaint form the box was checked that said Domestic Violence Related. I could not believe that slapping your child was domestic violence. So I looked up the law. Minor custodial children are exempted. Apparently, 93% of American parents still spank, slap or pinch their children. To this day I still wonder if Freyer would have made this arrest if it had been the mother that had slapped the child.

Labeling someone’s action as domestic violence in American in the 21st century is akin to labeling someone a Jew in Germany in the 1930’s. The entire legal weight of the state is coming down on him. But I consider myself lucky. My family was destroyed. But that poor bastard in Germany had his family literally annihilated.

Arrests are mandatory for the police in New Hampshire for domestic violence. That is not law. That is police department policy. Laws come from the Legislature and the Governor’s office together. God only knows where these policies come from. The State’s Attorney General also has a mandatory arrest protocol for domestic violence. I call these policies, procedures and protocols The Second Set of Books. You never cover the Second Set of Books your junior year in high school. That because we are not suppose to have a Second Set of Books. This is America-we have the rule of law.

I am a regular guy, a coffee and cheeseburger type of fellow. As remarkable as my life has been, I figure that what happens to me must be happening to others as well. I was 48 years old when I got arrested here for my first time. So I went looking for the arrest numbers for domestic violence, this new group that I had unwilling joined. I could not find anything. So I wrote the U.S. Dept. of Justice in Washington. They wrote back that they did not keep track of domestic violence arrests. The FBI keeps track of all other crimes. How come not domestic violence? I thought some low level clerk was blowing me off.

At the time, I had mailing addresses in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. So I wrote to all six Congressional offices, the two Senators from each state and the two Congressman. They like doing favors for constituents hoping you will favorably remember their name in the voting booth. All six offices reported back the same thing. They do not know how many arrests for domestic violence have been made. I immediately knew something was wrong. And I also knew this was not going to be good.

Improvise, adapt and overcome. The Army teaches that to every soldier it trains. They say that no battle plan survives the first five minutes of combat. So your people on the ground had better be able to think for themselves. Taking casualties in war is just an occupational hazard. Taking casualties and not accomplishing your mission is a disaster. After 21 years of Army service, I am pretty good at improvising.

The first thing I found was a study not of domestic violence arrests but of domestic violence injuries for 18 unnamed states and the D.C. in the year 2000. In the study 51% of the injuries were ‘no injuries’. So I knew I had a study of police reports. Who else but a police officer would record no injuries? I populated that out to the 50 states and came up with 874,000 arrest in the year 2000.

I had originally populated the number back to 1994 when the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was enacted into law. I would later find out these arrests stated with the U.S. Attorney General’s Task Force of Domestic Violence ten years earlier in 1984. As individual states data became available for various years and states, I would incorporated in to my informal study. The number I have now in 2011 is 36 million adults have been arrested for domestic violence. I have a gut feeling this number could be as high as 55 million. But I only have data to 36 million. So 36 million it stays. And there is a really cool trick you can do once you have this number. You can find out how many American men. women and children ended up homeless because of these arrests.

Most of the domestic violence statistics I have seen break down with 75% male and 25% female being arrested. So I am going to used the male pronoun for the one arrested spouse and the female pronoun for the victim spouse. That should make the domestic violence feminists ecstatic-man bad, woman good. But that is okay because that is probably the last nice thing I am going to do for them today.

When then a man is arrested for domestic violence, one of two things can happen. If they are only dating and have separate apartments, then he can head home. But if they are living together, then this fellow has a real problem. Bail conditions and then a possible protective or restraining order prevent him from being with her. So he needs to find a new place to live, at least until the charges are resolved. The King of his Castle is no longer allowed into his castle. A feminist name Pence who wrote that was absolutely giddy at that outcome. So he can get his own place if he has enough money. Or he can move in with his mother, his sister or another relative. He might have a girl friend who would let him stay with her. And if none of this is possible, well then I guess he is sleeping in his car down by the river.

If he has minor children, money will soon turn into an issue. Most men I know do not mind paying child support. They want their kids to have food on their plates, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. But it does stress that man’s finances. Child support is usually 33% of the man’s gross income. Withholding for taxes, social security and health insurance can range up to 28% of his gross paycheck. So a man making $500 a week gross has only $825 monthly left over after withholding and child support. That is not enough money for an apartment here in Central Massachusetts. That does not include other expenses like heating, electric, gas, groceries, telephone, cable, car payment and car insurance. So he is in a financial hole. Estimates of homeless men run 82% to 94%. I am going to round that down to 80%.

After the King has left his castle, his wife runs into a problem. She was use to getting his whole paycheck for the household. Now she get a third for child support. Figure they both work and made the same money, her budget went from 100% down to 66%. If she was running the house on $3,045. a month when the King was home, now without him she only has $2,220. Most households in America cannot withstand a 27% hit on the household account. She’ll juggle the bills but eventually most wives figure out that they can pay all the smaller bills if they just does not pay the big bill. That would be the rent or the mortgage. So six to nine months after the King is out of the castle, the Queen, the Princes and the Princesses are also on the street. Domestic violence feminists state that 50% of victim spouses of domestic violence end up homeless at some time in their lives.

The last group of homeless from these arrests are children. The domestic violence feminists state that 70% of domestic violence couple have children. So 50% female times 70% children equals 35%. But children is plural. So we will double to 70%.

(Odd isn’t it? They know that 50% of victim spouses end up homeless and that 70% of them have children. How can they know the percentages when they do not know how many total arrests were made? Those people at the U.S. Justice Dept. cannot even pull off a credible cover-up. )

Men are 0.8, women are 0.5, and children are 0.7 for a grand total of 2.0 homeless Americans for every domestic violence arrest. Multiply that by 36 million and you get 72 million men, women and children ending up homeless at some point in their lives over the last 25 years because of these domestic violence arrests.

That is a really large number even by Washington standards. That is almost 25% of the entire population of the U.S. using 2010 census figures. Which begs the question did these homeless people contribute to this latest economic meltdown, or did they cause it? Because if they did cause it then the recovery will not be measure in months or years but in decades.

Some of the boys in the Father’s Movement think Congress might have shot themselves in the foot over this one. Personally, I think they shot themselves some place anatomically higher. No wonder the Speaker of the House is always crying. The Dummies on the Potomac.

Twenty-five years ago the federal government start pushing these arrests on state’s legal systems. Now, we have an economy on the rope. They have thrown a huge amount of money at banks, big business and local and states government. And we are still in the mud. But no economist either at the Treasury Dept., Federal Reserve, universities or think tanks are even looking at the impact of all these broken families. If that 36 million arrest is correct, then 72 million men and women, have been throw out of the middle class into subsistence living. Or is the number 55 million and 110 million? No one knows and no one is even looking. But why should look? According to the Attorney General, we do not know how many arrests we have made.

And if the Tea Party is any indication, insurrection is brewing in the land. Just a coincident? Not likely. This is what happens when the government wipes out the middle class.

The idea for these arrests came from something called the Minneapolis Police Experiment (MPE) of 1981-82. In the experiment police offices were given pads with one of three words written on them; counsel, send or arrest. Counsel meant the officer was to try to mediate the couple’s spat. Send was to send one of the spouses out of the house for eight hours as a cooling off period. Arrest was arrest one of the two spouses. The officer was to do as the top paper on the pad said to do. The experiment was set up by the Police Foundation and Lawrence W. Sherman was the lead researcher. The results show counseling resulted in a future assault in 24% cases, send was 19%, and the arrest option resulted in a future assault in only 10% of the cases. Perhaps a cheap way of cutting down future domestic violence.

In 1984 The U. S. Attorney General’s Task Force of Domestic Violence recommended arrest as the primary weapon in domestic violence assault. Lawrence W. Sherman recommend not using the arrests because the MPE was just one study and it could be wrong. They ignored him. And by 1992, 93% of the police departments in the nation had adopted some form of mandatory arrest in domestic violence cases.

But by 1992 five more addition studies similar to the MPE became available. Lawrence W. Sherman reviewed all five studies. Then once again he wrote that the police should not use arrest. In two of the five studies, they found the same result as they did in the MPE, that an arrest cut down the odds of a future assault. But in the other three studies an arrest actually increase the odds of a future assault. So arresting someone in a domestic violence situation to cut down on future assaults did not work any better than just flipping a coin. I do not know if Lawrence W. Sherman is still alive. But fortunately he wrote a book call Policing Domestic Violence that was published in 1992.

So we have 800,000 American police officers arresting one in every six adults in the country and throwing 25% of the men, women and children out on the streets in an effort to enforce a policy that they knew did not work back in1992. And I had always assumed that you needed a man to really screw something up. Oh well, there goes another glass ceiling.

Why would they push an arrest policy that does not work? There are two schools of thought on the reason why. The first comes from Lawrence W. Sherman. He calls it the Law of Just Desserts. Revenge for slights and offenses, real or imagined. I am sure there are some that would argue that women are not vengeful. But what is that old saying? Hell hath no fury…..

The second idea comes from the mother of the second wave of feminism. I do speak of the brilliant Betty Friedan. In the Epilogue Chapter of the 20th Anniversary Edition of her book The Feminine Mystique, Betty relayed why she resigned as the first president of the National Organization of Women in 1970. Betty wrote that she, “was unable to openly fight the man haters and unwilling to front for them any more…” So man hating bigots no only existed 40 years ago, they were also grabbing power. Now Washington is funding them. Makes you wonder what bigots they will fund next. Maybe the Klan?

Feminists had always claimed that when women took over, we would have a kinder, gentler, more nurturing world. After 36 million arrests and 72 million evictions what we got was Joe Stalin.

The third wave of feminists do not like to call themselves feminists. The word feminist could be perceived as gender oppression. These third wave of whatever-we-call-you got that right The treachery of our legal system over the last 25 years may end up giving all feminists a bad name. Which would make us as bigoted as the man-hating feminists who got us into this mess to begin with.

So let us talk about those bureaucrats that do. These are the ones that actually carry out the evil deeds. I like call them the do-bies.

Any one swept up into legal mess is usually astonished at what they see. They cannot believe what the police, prosecutors and judges are doing. It is so blatantly wrong. Well, I can assure you that everything they do is logical and by the book. The confusion you have with them is you both are using different sets of books. You are using the old First Set of Books- the Constitution, the general laws or statutes and the court ruling sometime call Common Law. They are using the newer Second Set of Books. That is the collection of the policy, procedures and protocols. Once you know what set of books everyone is using, then everything they do looks logical and upright. And do not bother trying to argue with me that there is no Second Set of Books. I have my own copies at home. Or at least a good hunk of the important part of it.

I got my Second Set of Books when I sued the Jaffrey NH police department. Under the discovery rule, I write them with the material I wanted and it would arrive in the mail a few weeks later. I got the Police Academy Training Manual. I got the Department’s Policy and Procedure Manual. I got the no-drop protocol that the attorney general sent to all his or her prosecutors. I even got the domestic violence protocols for the court system, one hundred pages worth. Once you read it the material, then you will know what the police, prosecutors and judges will do. They are completely predictable once you know what set of books they are using.

The police academy training manual states that an arrest in a domestic violence call is the preferred response. They cite the Minneapolis Police Experiment (MPE) as its justification. But the author of the MPE, Lawrence Sherman, said do not use arrest because five follow up studies show that it did not work. The would be a violation of the 4th Amendment in the First Set of Books against unreasonable search and seizure. Then there is that whole issue of whether the police have the right to arrest for any reason other than they believe a crime was committed.

The Jaffrey Police Department Policy and Procedures Manual states that if a wife says she does not want her husband arrested, the police are to ignore her, arrest the husband, and get with the prosecutor to see what they can work out. In other words, make the arrest and then see if you can Mickey Mouse it. The wife is eligible for spousal immunity. If she invokes it, then no statement she mades, written or oral, are admissible because she cannot be cross examined about it under oath. ( Did you say that? What did you mean when you said that?) With no statements the police have no probable cause in most cases to make an arrest. Also a violation of the 4th amendment in the First Set of Books.

The actor Nickolas Cage was drunk in New Orleans with his wife. Everyone else is drunk in New Orleans, so why should Nick be any different. He and his wife were arguing over which house the rented for their stay. Nick grab his wife’s arm and started to lead her to his house. The police arrested Nick for domestic violence. His wife was stunned. That was not domestic violence. “Nothing we can do,” the police explained to her. “Just following orders.”

That is an accurate explanation for victims, even if they do not think of themselves as victims. The police have a zero tolerance towards any physical contact. Things might get worse in the future is the feminist logical for this present iron fist approach to domestic relations. I would have to agree with them. After all the arrests, poverty, homelessness and misery, I can assure you-things are going to get worse.

But that nothing we can do, just following orders the officers explain always sounds so timid and lame. The police need to punch their explanation up a bit, make it more authoritarian. And there is a quick, low cost way of doing it. The police officers only need to say it in its original German.

The state Constitution in NH said the prosecutors job is to promote justice. The Attorney Generals protocols said that domestic violence case are no-drop cases. (Unless, of course, they take the Deal. Continue the case for a year, go to counseling, and everything falls off the books after the year. They did after all find some way of getting rid of all these cases.)

The Attorney General can hire, fire, layoff, promote, demote, commend or award bonuses. The constitution is some old, quaint, dusty document up in the Statehouse some where. So which one do you think is going to get obeyed?

Prosecutors are funny. Some, maybe most, have egos the size of Cape Cod. But of the three, police, prosecutor and judges, prosecutors have the least protection. Micheal Nifong, the prosecutor in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, was fired, disbarred, convicted of a crime, and actually jailed for trying to enforce the no-drop prosecution protocol for sexual assault in the Duke case.

The prosecutor in my criminal case fared a little better. I filed a complaint with his boss for summoning my two daughters, ages 7 and 4, to court. I had already conceded that the facts were not in dispute. The trial would be about the law. No witness were need much less a couple of toddlers. He still summoned them. (The Second Set of Books tells the prosecutors to get a sympathetic face in front of the judge or jury. What’s more sympathetic than toddlers.) The prosecutor could not refute my allegation because I enclosed a copy of the trial transcript. I had to pay for the transcript. When the prosecutor read it, he gave his two weeks notice and then blew town. That transcript was the best $46 I had ever spent in this life.

There is a name for what happens when a bureaucrat is destroyed by the First Set of Books for attempting to enforce the Second Set of Books. It is called the Abu Ghraib Syndrome. The people within the law enforcement community no longer seem to know the difference between the law, with its checks and balances, and the policies, procedure and protocols that constitute The Second Set of Books. In some cases you do not even know who wrote the policy, procedure or protocol. It could have been the local high school gym teacher for all anyone knows. Many of these bureaucrats are eventually going to learn the different between the First and the Second Set of Books. And my guess is that many of them are going to learn it the hard way. Because the only checks and balances in The Second Set of Books is The First Set of Books.

Judges routinely use our children as bargaining chips. Get the adult into counseling, continue the case for a year, and then drop it. This will open up the docket for the new arrests coming in next week. These judges that use our children are not honorable. Which is why I never use the term ‘Your Honor’ any more. I just call them judge.

Alex Baldwin, the actor, wrote that you have never seen a coward until you have seen a Los Angeles County judge. I call my judges-Sullivan, Arnold and even Runyon-cowards, too. When I first started observing them, nothing made sense. Arnold was completely infuriated when he was maneuvered into ruling not guilty. He verbally went up and down me so many times I lost count. What was the big deal? If I was not guilty just say and then we could all go home. But that was back in the days before I knew about The Second Set of Books.

I lost visitation with my two daughters when I got arrested. One was the victim-the other was the witness. After a not guilty, I expected to get visitation with my girls. But the divorce judge, Sullivan, decreed that counseling was in order and they would decide when we would reunite. I told the judge that the decision on whether these two girls had a father or a fatherless childhood was not leaving this courthouse. There would be a couple of reason for that decision.

First, by then I knew of the Second Set of Books. As much as I had prayed for the return of my children, I knew that this counseling might get thrown in the way. Judges are addicted to counseling like a meth-head is addict to crystal meth. Sullivan wrote in the divorce decree that he envision only one or two meetings with the counselor. There is no counseling done in the first meeting or two. It is intake-who’s the players and what are the issues. But Sullivan was not interested in counseling. He merely wanted to unload the decision out of habit. And if we do not shut them down now, they will be doing it to our kids in twenty years from now when they have little ones running around the house.

Second, just exactly where does the buck stop with our legal system? Police have to make an arrest. The prosecutor has to pursue the case. Judges now also walk a away without rendering a verdict, and passing the buck does not constitute a decision. Can those mental health counselors slide the decision over to someone else? Just where does this end? Who is responsible? Who is accountable?

The mental health crowd is the third reason I said no. Some people think they are geniuses with their Masters and PH D’s. Others think they are so wacky that they call them fruit loops. Well, I have a third name for them. Suckers. They did not get hired for their medical ability. They got these because they were willing to take these cases off the judge’s hands. Which has done nothing for the credibility for their profession. We are not here to help-we are here to unload. And they created a liability that did not previously existed. If a judge releases a defendant and he goes kills someone, that judge or the judiciary cannot be sued. But a mental health worker, and their employer certainly can be held liable. Our judiciary is now using the mental health field like a ten dollar whore.

I sued Monadnock Family Services to make them go away. I told their lawyer Byron that they were a legitimate target for men. We settled for no money. They would have nothing to do with this reconciliation. The counselor was released. And they would no longer get involved in any domestic violence cases.

Every time we ended back in court over whatever squabbles, I would ask Judge Sullivan for my children back. The decision belong to the counselors he would tell me. But he knew he had screwed up. I could see it in his face. But he would not fix it. He would not step out of that box those domestic violence/sexual assault advocates had built for him. After five years, he retired to a part time position at the Littleton courthouse 120 miles away.

So when guys like Alex Baldwin and I call judges cowards, we have legitimate reasons for doing so. It is not good for judges to be called coward. It is unlikely that it is good for the rest of us.

I do not claim to have all The Second Set of Book. I know of one book that I do not have. And I would have love to read that one. That would be the seminar that the domestic violence and sexual assault advocates put on periodically for legal personnel including judges. These advocates are camped outside every state, not federal, courthouse in America. The U.S. Dept of Justice provides 50-100% of their funding depending on the program. They have three day seminars at resorts where everything is paid for except the liquor. Judges in NH are ordered to attend. Neither Sullivan or Arnold would confirm or deny they had attended. They actually said nothing. It must be like the Masons where they will not say anything about the organization until you show them the secret hand sign.

Supreme Court Judge Louis Brandeis once wrote that the best description of a judge is the impartial guardian of the rule of law. How does three days of wine, women and song contribute to impartiality? It does not. So it should not have been any surprise that they would not answer me. After all, they were not on trial. I was. But they are going to be. They were suppose to protect to rule of law not collaborate in its demise. They have failed miserably.

A guardian ad litem is an attorney appointed for a child. The attorney solely represents the child. I got one when I was first separated to get a neutral pair of eyes and ears on the family. I was disappointed in his findings.

A few years later, another guardian was appointed for one of the kids. A regular report filed with the Court painted me as some sort violent psychopath. I thought that was uncalled for seeing as we had never met. It start a flurry of nasty letters between until we both came to the conclusion that this was not about us. We ended on a friendly note.

At a Court hearing later on I approached him. I asked him if he had had any domestic violence training. He said yes, that it was required to become certified as a guardian ad litem. Another chapter for The Second Set of Books that I never managed to acquire.. So men, if you were thinking about getting a guardian ad litem for an unbiased assessment, then you should ask for the domestic violence material that certified the guardian. And do not worry that you are not sure what you are looking for. It will stand right out.

There are more sections of The Second Set of Books. Medical personnel are supposed to report suspected domestic violence. The college professor Angela Davis has a story of a Latino couple in California getting in trouble feeding the dog his liver for dinner. Mental health employees are also required. Think of Wendy threatening our kids with foster care. Teachers, day care providers, the list just goes on and on. The East German secret police, the Stazi, had 25% of the population on record as informers. The United States is not that high yet, but we are still growing.

These people-police, prosecutors and judges-are suppose to protect us. They are checks and balances to prevent injustice. That is why we spend so much money of police training. But if the police screw it up, the prosecutor can catch it. If the prosecutor misses it then the judge can step in to fix it. But if all three have been compromised, then what does one need to do to get justice? Go to the appeals court or the Supreme Court? That seem a little ridiculous particularly when the zero tolerance has arrests for something as trivial as touching.

On one hand we have the law. On the other hand we have what we are really going to do-the policies, procedures and protocols. The rule of law is dead. Now we have 50 states with legal systems as good as any third world banana republic. Men are demonized and the women and children end up as suffering as well.

So boys, we need to start burning down police stations and courthouses. The Second Set of Books originated in Washington. But the dirty deeds are being carried out by our local police, prosecutors and judges. These are the people we pay good money to protect us and our families. And what do we get for our tax money? Collaborators who are no different than the Vichy of France or the Quislings of Norway during the Second World War. All because they go along to get along. They are an embarrassment, the whole lot of them. And they need to be held accountable. So burn them out.

In the last 25 years they have arrested one in six adults in this country and forced 25% of the men, women and children into homelessness. In 50 years it will be one in three adults arrested and 50% of the men, women and children ending up homeless. Most of our kids will live to the age of 68 years old. As bad as it was for you, your children will have twice the odds of it happening to them.

Some of you will say that 50% homelessness sounds absurd. But 25% is absurd and that is already here. There is no evidence that the police, courts, or government is planning to do anything different in the immediate future. And they will not do anything different until we make it so uncomfortable that they must change. Bureaucracy at its worst. So burn them out. This is too important to be using that touchy-feeling coaching that is so popular with business these days. You need to flatten them, like Wile E. Coyote. They need to be taught never to replace the rule of law. BURN-THEM-OUT!

Most of the police stations built in New England over the last 20 years are stone or brick. Fortunately, the roofs are still wood. The advantage of fire on the roof is that it is above the sprinklers. But even the sprinklers going off work to our advantage. There is no way they can work in a building with six inches of water. And I am certain we will disrupt their momentum once they start working out of a FEMA trailers. If they still do not get the message, then burn down the trailers.

The easiest way of burning a building is with the Molotov cocktail. It was invented by the Finns when the Soviets invaded in 1939. You fill a bottle with gasoline and stuff a rag in the end for a wick. You light the wick and throw bottle, It shatters on impact spraying gas everywhere and the wick ignites the gas. Simple, readily available, and effective. And only two things to remember.

First, use a glass bottle. Thinner glass is better than thicker glass. You want it to shatter on impact. When I was teaching a kid at the high school on the West Side Worcester, MA. threw a Molotov cocktail into his school. Fortunately, he used a plastic bottle. It burned about three square inches of carpeting. I had to laugh when I said to myself, “Thank God for dumb kids.”

Second, you need to tie the rag to the bottle. Nothing worse that throwing a Molotov cocktail, landing where you wanted it, and having it shatter perfectly. Then you noticed the wick had fallen out on the way to the target. No wick-no fire.

Some of these building will have brick faces and metal roofs. Just break a window and throw the Molotov cocktail inside. Carpets, furniture, computer plastic, even paint on the walls will burn. It is okay if the sprinkler goes off. I wonder if you can get hip waders over a gun belt?

We had a kid in my hometown that burned down the old junior high school. He walked up to the front door one night with a can of lighter fluid. The applicator on the end squirts the lighter fluid out. He squirted under the door and along the seams and lit a match. The kid took out the entire old part of the building. Why are kids so competent when it is something they should not be doing?

There will be some casualties in this war. Some killed, some wounded, some captured. Some of them will be theirs. Some of the casualties will be ours.

Now, nobody wants to get killed. But let us look at your life. You are broke after paying child support. She and the kids are not doing any better. None of you are middle class any more. You have no say in the kids education, their health treatment, you may not even have visitation with your sons and daughters. And everything you thought you knew to be true-the rule of law, the sanctity of the of the family, the belief that government was there to nurture your brood-all turned out to be a lie. Face it boys, we are no longer fathers. We are just piggy banks.

So you are not losing anything by picking up the Molotov cocktail. It may be too late for us. But without something changing, your kids will have double the odds of it happening to them. That will knock them out of the middle class again, providing they ever get back in. And their kids, your grandchildren, will end up damaged goods before it is over. So it is okay to run. You just need to turn around and run at them. They are no way as imposing as they seem. They only do what they do for a paycheck.

Television would make us believe that people get arrested because of fingerprints, DNA, facial recognition, and instruments that can tell where a substance was made and here is the local distributors. It is Hollywood crap. Most of the people in prison are there for one key reason. They could not keep their mouths shut. They told someone. That someone told others. The cops hear it and start looking at them for a suspect. That how it works in real life.

This need to confess seems to be primeval. Just human nature. But if you cannot keep a secret, do not expect the one you tell to keep their mouth shut. There is only three people I know for certain they will keep their mouths shut. That would be Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I only managed to get the main door of the Cheshire County Courthouse in Keene, NH. I would appreciate it if some of you boys would finish the job for me. They harmed my children. The place is evil. So take it out

Some where along the line I picked up the crazy notion that it is better to be dead as a free man than to live as a serf. The government needs to be a little more careful about what they teach in our schools.

And bring a can of spray paint to these fires. Paint the word COLLABORATORS ( two L’s with an S on the end) on the building before you burn it. Maybe we can shame them back to the rule of law. And we do want the police to know exactly who burned the building. Then the police can start interviewing the usually suspects, all 36 million of us.

We have covered the do-bies. Now let us look at the bureaucrats that say-ers.

The Second Set of Books originated in Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) which is part of the United States Department of Justice. Some of these policies, procedures and protocol were developed locally. But the local results would be sent up to OVW and, if approved, would disperse it out to all 50 states. They are smart, clever, bigoted and able to lie as well as any politician that ever called Washington home. In other words, they have now become Washington insiders.

But what makes them so uniques is their anger towards men, any man. They are so twisted in their hatred of men that they are positively scary. And it is not what they are doing to men that makes them frightening. You would expect that. No, it is what they are doing to the women and children that makes them so twisted.

When the Pentagon drops a bomb on innocent civilians the military calls it Collateral Damage. It sounds better than, “Yeah, we killed a bunch of women and children.” Those poor, innocent, stupid civilians have always been caught in the middle since the time we were fighting with rocks.. Your wife and kids are Collateral Damage in the war against you, the man in the family. For 25 years these feminists at OVAW have been willing to sacrifice the women and children to get you. And they cannot claim ignorance about what they are doing. Under the VAWA the federal government is funding at least 1,800 homeless shelters. As long as the Office for Violence Against Women exists in the U.S. Department Justice , no American man, women or child will be safe in their own home.

If you ask these feminists why are the shelters all full, they will not say because of all the arrests. The shelters are full because of men. But they knew from the beginning that this was not man bad-woman good thing. The year was 1976. Two things would happen that year.

First, someone at the U.S. Dept of Justice decided to count the dead bodies. In 1975 there were 1522 women killed in domestic violence. And for men killed in 1975? The dead for men was 1506. Statistically equal a friend tells me so.

If you had asked me before the study, I would have assumed that women were getting the worst of it. But I would be looking at it by genders. What I should have been looking at was species, homo-sapiens, human beings. Men are human-women are human. Being the same species you would expect the same results from both genders. And that is exactly what the dead bodies told us.

The second thing that happened in 1976 was the first domestic violence survey was released. It was so new the time that they called it family violence. Murray Straus of UNH and Richard Gellars from a school in RI were the researchers. They did not find two perpetrators of domestic violence, but three. Men initiated violence 25.7% of the time: women 25.2%, and the other 49.1% was the two going after each at the same time. These two people going after each other at the same time is well recognized in law. The law in NH calls that mutual combat. Men are human. Women are human. And once again we found both genders acting the same manner.

So how did we end up with the theory of man bad-woman good that the government at all levels is using? The feminist writer Susan Brownmiller wrote In Our Time that,” the way you get funding and church donations is to talk about the pure victims. If you talk about the impurity of the victim, the sympathy vanishes.” If women get to be good then men get what is left-bad. Man bad-woman good was originally a funding raising technique. After 35 years, it has turned into official government dogma at all levels, from the local cop on the beat to the White House. Men need to be punished, restrained and retrained. Your wives and children are, unfortunately, just collateral damage in this effort to punish men. So you were not dreaming it. There really is a government pogrom against men.

When a man batters or kills, there is no excuse. When a woman commits the same act, there is nothing but excuses. Simple though inaccurate. But there is one redeeming aspect to men being demonized. Now we men can act like devils. And we do not even need to apologize for it. Men are going to start acting just like they made us out to be. As an old high school semi-punk I can assure you boys of one thing. This is going to be fun. You guys are going to end up laughing like hyenas.

The money funded under the VAWA is split in two when it leaves the Treasury. Part goes the Health and Human Services for fund these domestic violence homeless shelters. If that 36 million number is correct, and it is all that we have, then the 1.44 million arrests a year will be made producing 2.88 million homeless Americans each year. Women and children constitute 60% of these homeless people, 1.7 million Americans a year. Shutting down these shelters would be cruel. What would these women and children do then? Go live under a bridge. No, we are stuck with these shelters for a while. But there is one thing that Congress needs to fix when they fund them again.

These shelters do not allow men on the property let alone inside the residences. Why is it against the law to use federal money on organizations that discriminate against black, Jews, gays or even women but it is okay to do so against men? Men contributed half that tax money. Eight years ago a man in California fled with his children after the police warned him to get out after they had arrested the wife and mother. None of the shelters would take him and the kids in because he was a man. I wonder if this would survive a legal gender discrimination challenge in a federal court?

A society without men is freakier than a world without blacks or Jews. That is not to say blacks or Jews are any less worthy. It just that there are more men in the world than blacks or Jews even if you combined them. If these feminist had to deal with men on a regular basis, then maybe the country would not be in the pickle we are in now.

There is a third reason to end this discrimination, something of a more practical nature. Apparently, some women like to have sex with men. But men are barred from the property. Suddenly, that 15 year boy two doors down starts looking real good. It might even be fun breaking in this new meat. So this woman driven into insolvency by the push for domestic violence arrests now finds herself charged as a pedophile because someone barred men from her world. With domestic violence advocates as friends, who needs enemies.

This shelters came up with a novel approach to fixing the pedophile problem. Male children over the age of thirteen are barred from staying there. Too troublesome. The family broke up when the father was thrown out of the house. Now a second break up is happening with the teenage boys. Perhaps a relative has one bed available. Maybe the family of a high school friend would take him in their home. If neither option works then that is okay. He can move in with his father. Then they will both be sleeping in the car down by the river.

Children of these parents also suffer. They used to have their own bedroom in a safe town with good schools. First they have a shelter, then Section 8 public housing. An urban school. Maybe good-maybe not. Kids learn how to be tough in an urban environment. The kids might go bad or they could come out just fine. But there will be no clunky car as a teenager. There will be no saving fund for college. There will be no monetary gift to use as a down payment for a starter home. This tradition of the older generation giving the younger generation a financial leg up has been ruin due to the older generation’s lack of money. Financially, the older generation is merely treading water. It will take generations after these present two generations to repair the economic damage to these families.

So we are stuck with funding these shelters for a while. These women and children have no place left to go. Some of you guys may think that these feminist caused the problem and then created the solution. But homeless shelters are not a solution. They are just barely a band aid.

The remaining money under VAWA goes to the United States Department of Justice for the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW). As long as OVW exists then the government is at war with men. As long as there is a pogrom against men, then women and children are going to end up as collateral damage. So there is no need for discussion about OVW going. The only thing we need to figure out is which of the two ways we can use to get rid of them-the easy way or the hard way.

And boys, do not try to burn down Washington’s Dept. of Justice Building in an effort to get rid of the Office of Violence Against Women. Their offices are over at N Street.

The easy way is using Congress. The VAWA comes up for funding every five to seven years. Next time it comes up, Congress votes no and everyone at the OVW gets a pink slip in late September. Nice and simple except nothing is simple in Washington. We, the people out here in the sticks, do not always know what the dynamics are in Washington. There might be one method of getting Congress on course. Have Congress demand that the Attorney General get, and release the arrests figures. Or have the President order it. He is usually fearless after he makes up his mind. And this is too large and too well known to continue the Washington plausible deniable routine. Then they will know how much trouble they are in because of these arrests.

There are 220 million adults 18 or older in this country of both sexes. If my figure of 36 million is correct, then that is 16.4% of the adults have been arrested. It could be as high as 55 million or 25%. It might be as low as 22 million or 10%. Whatever the number there are two things that Congress should know. First, is the fellow who discovered the arrests in Minneapolis back in 1992 said do not use it because it does not work. And second, the people arrested now constitute a Fifth Column here in the United States. Our loyalty to Washington is gone. But what did these genuises on the Potomac expect? They have harmed our children. If they think Al Qaeda is a pain in the ass, wait to they see what Americans can do once their fuse is lit.

I am certain the Attorney General will sit for months on the request for the number of domestic violence arrests. Then he will explain that they do not readily have the number and that some sort of Manhattan Project effort will be needed in time and money. Nonsense. When Washington started these arrests in 1984 over 6.3 personal computers were sold here in the U.S. That figure does not include all the mini’s, midi’s and mainframe computers sold that year. There is no way they can pretend that this data does not exist in electronic storage. A request to Ohio for the arrests 1984-2010 would tie up a state clerk for an hour, including their 15 minute coffee break. Time for the truth boys and girls. Because this is not going away.

The hard way is more time consuming, cost more money and is full of headaches. Because the only way of removing a department from the federal government without the consent of Congress is to take out the entire federal government.

The first time I heard that, I said that is ridiculous. We cannot run this country without a federal government. But we will replace the old government with something new and improved. The new government would honor the debts incurred by the old government. There are a lot of useful reasons for starting with a clean slate.

The bipartisan debt commission released their recommendation for cleaning up the $14 trillion we have borrowed over the years. Convention wisdom has it that Congress has no stomach for any of the recommendations.

But a new government could install those recommendation on day one. Three years later, most Americans will not remember that anything is different. The old government laid off its employees when it closed. The new government is hiring. But instead of 65,000 employees at the Dept. of Education, the new government is only hiring 45,000. Instead of an average federal wage of $70,000 a year, the new average will be $52,000. The new government will have to write a tax code. Everyone pays 15% with no deductions. How many IRS employees could you get rid of if there were no more deductions? Any thing is possible with a new government.

Normally over-throwing a elected government is considered treason. Treason is punishable by death here in the United States. But there is one way of over throwing the government. That is through the ballot box. Then it is not treason but democracy. Allegedly, Washington is in favor of democracy, particularly if their candidate wins.

There is no legal mechanism in the Constitution or the Federal code of the United States for dissolving the government of the United States. So that is what we need first. Congress would need to write it. We get them to do it through the ballot initiative.

A ballot initiative is when enough registered voters sign a petition to get a question on the ballot for the next election. The following would be a sample of what the question would look like in New Hampshire.


That all elected representatives from the state of New Hampshire to both houses of the United States Congress are to propose and advance a bill that would set up a legal mechanism to dissolve the United States government should the people decide to do so in a general election by a simple majority.

If this initiative passes in all 50 states then Congress will be stuck. They will have to write the law to dissolve. If they do not I suspect within ten years they will be standing in a stairwell at the British or French embassy with a suitcase in hand waiting to get to a rooftop helicopter. I doubt if they will be thinking about the humiliation of being thrown out of the country. They will be far too busy worrying about what will happen if the mob gets their hands on them.

Washington has not got a friend in the world. Even the British and Israelis loath them now. Kind of a bad time to be losing domestic support. And what they done over the last 25 years? They have wiped out the middle class pandering to a special interest group of bigots. And in typical Washington fashion, they did not even know they did it.

This Ivy League inbreeding in Washington has produced an elite that knows what best. Everyone else-husbands, wives, police officers, prosecutors, judges, attorney generals and guardian ad litems-are to shut up and do what they are told. The rule of law is gone, replaced by the policies, procedures and protocols of The Second Set of Books. Which means the federal government will be going shortly. For the government being unable to deliver the rule of law is like an auto mechanic who claims he does not know how to change the engine oil. A certain minimum competency is required. So it looks like the parents of the Washington elite were right. One can be too smart for their own good.

Betty Friedan wrote that the feminist revolution, like any revolution, would have its excesses. Losing the rule of law is too great to call it a mere excess. It is a catastrophe. It is the heart, mind and soul between the people and their government. These feelings of betrayal by losing it may be permanent. I have 21 years of Army service going back to the Vietnam War. My loyalty to the government should be a given. It is gone. I am certain it will never return regardless of how long I might have lived.

It was another woman that lead us in to this decision to clean house inside the beltway. Something she taught us fifty years ago. You simply look at those folks in Washington and then ask yourself the old Ann Landers question, “Am I better off with them, or without them? Are my children better off with them, or without them?” They are sinking like stones.

Washington, DC was chose as the capital because it was the geographical center or the old Colonies. Today, the geographical center of the country is just west of St. Louis Missouri. The new government can set the capital anywhere in the United States it wants. Imagine how many rodents, insects and parasites they could lose by moving 1500 miles west.

Whether you replace the federal government or not, men are still going to need a legal defense center for men. Something like the NAACP used to get black people their rights. The only checks and balances in the Second Set of Books is the First Set of Books. Which means lawsuits. Now I know you guys are broke. Some of you have had your wives and kids thrown into homelessness. So I completely understand when you tell me that you are broke. But if everyone who has been arrested throws in $10.00 a year then the legal defense center will have a war chest of $360 million. You can buy a whole bunch of lawsuit with that kind of money.

The Ball family has been supplying sergeants to the Army since at least the Revolutionary War. Elijah served as a sergeant in Cushing’s Regiment at the Battle of Bennington. His commanding officer was a general from NH with a name of John Stark. General Start was a clever warrior. He was responsible for the bulk of the heavy casualties the British suffer at their victory at Bunker Hill. His orderly, fighting withdrawal allowed the other units on the hill to not only retreat but collect their wounded on the way out.

General Stark would repeat this performance on three hill tops outside the village of Bennington VT one hot August day in 1777. At the end of the battle, the British lost over 900 men killed or captured. The Colonists suffered 30 dead. Two months later, the depleted British army would surrender at Saratoga. That victory at Saratoga would bring the French into the war. John Stark was the most competent general this country ever produced. For that reason alone his men loved him.

But as brilliant as he was on the battlefield, General Stark would become even more famous for something he said. In 1809 the veterans of Bennington decided to have one last reunion. A delegation called on the General with his invitation. But the General was old and frail. He could not attend. But he did send a message, “You tell the boys I said live free or die. That death is not the worst of evil.” Since 1945 the State of New Hampshire has stamped Live Free or Die on every pen, coffee mug, license plate and highway sign that they have gotten their hands on.

I think the General and his sergeant would be please that his words have elevated from the novelties and bric-a-brac to something more dignified like a courthouse door. Neither of them would give a second thought to the mess left over after the fire was extinguished. War has always been a grim business. Civil wars are usually worse.

But they would be trouble by the new enemy. Oh, they understood when a government betrays it people. They took up arms against the super power of their day to get relief for their grievances. But the enemy we face now is the government that these men birthed at places like Bennington, Saratoga and Bunker Hill. Government is no different than the food in a refrigerator. Given enough time both will go bad.

The smartest person I knew in this life was my mother. Perhaps that is true of all of us. Maybe I just got lucky. She was a nurse by trade. She worked in a time when Western medicine made that final transition from butchery to science. But it would not be her nursing skills that made her extraordinary. No, it would be this one incredible knack she had that I had only modest success at mimicking in my life. If she had something important to say to you, she would say and then never mention it again. She would talk about it if you raised the issue. But she never mentioned it twice on her own. And, oddly, you always heard her.

But she did have one favorite saying. I must have heard in a thousand times in the eighteen years I lived under her roof. It always came at the end of the conversation as she peeled away to see if it was time for Perry Mason or Lawrence Welk. She would turn her head to the side, and over her shoulder she would say, “And the only thing you really have in this world is your family.” Now, thanks to the United States Government, neither we nor our children have that.

I have three things to say to my children. First, Daddy loves you. Second, you are my three most favorite people in the world. And last, that you are to stick together no matter how old you get or how far apart you live. Because it is like Grandma always said. The only thing you really have in this world is your family.